Attendance Procedures for Return to School

Please be reminded of the following as it relates to your son or daughter’s attendance:

  1. As a parent/guardian, you MUST report all absences to us whether your son or daughter is receiving their educational programming online or in-person for an absence to be recorded as excused. A student cannot “self-report” their own absence.
  2. If you son or daughter is receiving their educational programming in-person, they are expected to be here in the school. If a student is scheduled to be in school but is not in school, the teacher is directed to mark them as SYV at which point an attendance call will go home….even if they have logged in to the virtual classroom. We do this for student safety. If you are expecting them to be in person and they are not, you need to be notified as they could be logging in from anywhere.
  3. If a situation arises that you wish to keep you son or daughter home temporarily to participate in online learning, you still must call the attendance office to let us know. Once again, a student cannot “self-report” this information to the school.
  4. If you wish to review and change your request for instructional model for the reminder of the year, please review the information below. Requests to return in person will no longer be reviewed after Friday, March 26th.
  5. The bottom line is this…. the Commonwealth of Virginia is requiring us to track attendance and we must have an accurate accounting of over 2000 student. With the mixed model we currently have, that can be a challenge and we need your help so that we know where every student is. Communication is critical now more than ever. Absences can be reported to the attendance line at (703) 287-2727 or email attendance at @email.

Online vs. In-person Instruction

To view your decision, please be sure to log-in to ParentVue on a computer (the app version on mobile devices does not show this information) and click on the Student Info tab.  Your decision can be found near the bottom of the page. 

If you would like to request a change in your status, please use the link below.  ALL requests MUST be submitted through the link below.  At this time, we are unable to accommodate students moving from online to in-person instruction however, we will create a waitlist to review if/when conditions allow.  Should we be able to accommodate your request, we will follow up with you accordingly. The deadline for request submissions is Friday, March 19, 2021 at 3:00 p.m.

SY20-21 Instructional Method Change Request (Late):


Attendance Procedures for Return to School

We have changed some of our attendance procedures to comply with county, state, and federal guidelines as it pertains to mitigating the spread of COVID -19. We are going to be as “paperless” as possible in our efforts. Some of the changes will require students to use their personal smartphone. As such, should a student not have one, accommodations will be made for those students. Below is a summary of procedures for reporting absences, late arrivals, and checking students out of class.

Reporting Absences:

The process for reporting absences will remain the same. Please call the attendance line (703)287-2727 or email Ms. Nancy Schultz in the attendance office at @email  to report any absences both virtually and in-person.

Late Arrivals:

If you son or daughter is late arriving to school, he or she will need to report to the attendance office. They will use their smart phone to scan a QR code to report why they are late and the time they have arrived. The QR code will be posted prominently at the attendance office window. The student will receive an email which will be their pass to their class. If a student is late because of a medical appointment, please have the student provide the documentation when they arrive. The attendance office will confirm the document but will not take the document from the student. A parent may take a picture of the excuse and may present it on a smartphone.

Early Dismissals:

We ask that you please minimize the time out of school for your son or daughter. We would ask that you try to schedule any appointments on Mondays or days when your son or daughter is not in the building. If this cannot be avoided and your son or daughter must leave school early, please follow this process:

  1. Email the attendance office with the time of dismissal, method of transportation (driving, parent pick up) and reason for dismissal.
  2. The student will need to stop at the attendance office to pick up a pink slip which will be his or her pass to leave class.
  3. At the designated time, the student will show the pass to his or her teacher and leave to go to the attendance office. Once there, the student will use the QR code to check out of school. It will log the students name, time of departure, method of transportation, and destination.
  4. Parents/ Guardians picking up students must use Entrance #1. Please note: For the safety of our students, you will be required to provide identification (i.e. driver’s license).

Even More Attendance Information….

Students that are scheduled to attend school in-person are expected to be physically present in the classroom. A parent needs to notify the attendance office should their son or daughter NOT be able to be physically present in school. Any student that is not physically present but is logged in will be marked as SYC in SIS. If a student is not present and not logged into class, they will be marked as UNV unless we get a call or email from a parent.