Distance Learning Update 4.22.2020

April 22, 2020

Dear Saxon Families,

 Following the FCPS update and a subsequent meeting with division leadership, high schools received new directions to get distance learning back up to speed. I am pleased to announce we have made significant progress.

What will be different now?

  • Langley teachers are creating individualized, secure links in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BbCU).
  • Each student has a unique link affiliated with her/his FCPS Gmail and student ID.
  • The link does not require additional logon steps or access to the Blackboard 24-7 portal.
  • The steps for using the new link are outlined in this video which has been shared with students.
  • The process has been successfully piloted.
  • Synchronous classes, office hours and meetings can occur easily with BbCU.

What does my child know?

  • An email will be sent to students with log-in information from each of their teachers no later than Monday, April 27.
  • The aforementioned video has been shared with students.
  • A planning template has been shared with students.

What is the plan for the rest of this week?

  • Teachers will complete unique personalized links.
  • Teachers are continuing to post asynchronous learning activities as they have all along.
  • Students still have the ability to work on third quarter assignments.
  • Teachers will provide asynchronous learning opportunities tomorrow, although some teachers may reach out to connect synchronously for optional sessions. It is OK if different teachers have different approaches this week, since many are in different places.
  • Teachers have the ability to hold synchronous office hours on Friday, per the outlined schedule.
  • Assuming all goes as planned this week, our Langley HS Distance Learning Plan fully resumes as scheduled next week.
  • Synchronous classes will resume on Tuesday, April 28 for all students and staff.

How does all of this impact FCPS third term grading and reporting?

  • May 1: New FCPS end of current quarter and due date for students to submit, make-up, retake 3rd quarter work:
  • Parents can view 3rd term grades until April 23 and then again starting May 9. The downtime is for teachers to complete entering 3rd term grades.
  • If you have not opted into electronic report cards, mailings will begin May 12.

By every indication, these revamped directions will yield success.

Our teachers are working hard to get prepared to resume synchronous instruction. I am proud and appreciative of their dedication and commitment to our students.  They deserve our utmost gratitude for staying focused on what’s most important- our children and their learning. If, by the end of this week, you continue to have questions specific to your child’s needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to a counselor, administrator or teacher.

IT Support Troubleshooting Website (Available only to students).

Both the Saxon Center and the IT Support Troubleshooting sites require that students are logged in to FCPS Google. If a student receives a “404 error” message, (s)he should log out of all Google accounts, then log in to only her/his school Google account.

Langley’s School Based Technology Resource Specialist, Lindsey Fisher, may be contacted at @email for Blackboard assistance.

Langley’s Technology Support Specialist, John Santosuosso, may be contacted at jmsantosuoss@fcps.edu for hardware assistance.

Mental Health Resources:

In the event of a MENTAL HEALTH EMERGENCY please consider one of the following options:

  • Text NEEDHELP to 85511 for the Crisis Link Hotline at or call them at 703-527-4077
  • Call an emergency mental health center: 
    •  703-536-2000 Dominion Hospital
    •  703-289-756 INOVA Emergency Services
  • Call 911