What is FCPSON?

What are some guidelines to using the laptop?

How will FCPS keep my child safe while they use the laptop?

How can I ensure my student uses the device for its intended purpose?


How can my child recover their password if they’ve forgotten it?

Technical Issues

Students experiencing technical issues should visit: https://www.fcps.edu/return-school/tips-online-learning-success for troubleshooting tips and technical support.

If a student is experiencing a technical emergency and requires immediate assistance, they may call 1-833-921-3277 (833-921-FCPS). Your call will be answered by staff 7 a.m.to 11 p.m., seven days a week. If the help desk is unable to solve the issue on the phone with the parent or guardian, they will enter a ticket on the parent’s behalf and the request for help will be transferred to the appropriate FCPS team.

Rationale for FCPSON Laptop

  • Tech Support: Tech support is not available for personally-owned devices.  
  • Classroom Management: It is more difficult for teachers to manage their classrooms when students have different devices, with different capabilities and support needs.  
  • Cost to Repair and Replace Personal Devices:  If a student loses or damages a personal device the cost to repair or replace must be paid by the family.  The FCPSOn device was chosen to be durable and is designed to be carried back and forth from home and school.  The wear and tear of moving between classes and from home to school will be shouldered by the FCPSOn device, rather than a student’s  personal device. If  a student accidentally damages their FCPSOn device, on site tech support specialists will repair the device as well as provide a loaner, which will ensure learning isn’t interrupted by not having a working device.  
  • Access to Curricular Software:  Some instructional applications require local installation on the device. FCPS license agreements will not allow for installation on personally-owned devices. FCPSOn curricular software will be preloaded on FCPSOn laptops or available through APPV. Families will be responsible for cost and installation support of such instructional applications for personally-owned devices.  
  • FCPS Laptops Are Needed for Testing:  FCPS standardized assessments such as SOL testing must be done on a school-issued device. Schools will still need to provide FCPS devices for testing to students that do not accept the FCPSOn device.  
  • Separation of School and Personal Information:  Having an FCPSOn device and a personal device provides a Digital Citizenship lesson. It teaches students to complete school work on their FCPS laptop and to do personal things, such as shop or play games on their personal device. This separation helps prepare students for being in the work force and complying with an employer mandate to separate work life from personal life.
  • Keep Your Laptop Healthy

    Never leave laptops plugged in and unsupervised for long periods of time, like overnight.  It is best to always use laptops on surfaces that allow for proper ventilation like a desk or table. Prolonged charging and limited ventilation can damage the battery, the operating systems and cause the machine to shut down completely.

    Additional Tips: Shut down the laptop every day after use. Use and store the laptop in an area that is free from dust, extreme heat, cold, or humidity. Restart the laptop several times per week.