McLean High School Boundary Adjustment Passes

McLean High School Boundary Adjustment Passes

Option B map

Option B- approved boundary adjustment

  • Reassigns students in the Colvin Run ES split feeder area, a portion of the Spring Hill ES split feeder and a small portion of Westbriar ES
  • For more information, please go to the McLean Boundary website

A huge thank you to our facilities and planning staff, Region 1 and Region 2 staff, our communications staff, our parents and students for their input and participation in this process.  I want to thank my School Board colleagues for their perspectives on the options.  Thank you to my Dranesville FPAC member Jay Reddy and his FPAC colleague Cathy Hosek for helping me better understand the general boundary process and to our community advisory group, especially the Langley and McLean HS student representatives, for their community perspectives. 

This boundary adjustment is another step to alleviate pressures at McLean HS.  Our modular will be open later this month and ready to accept our high schoolers as they return to school in March. Last night, we formalized our boundary adjustment. As we have been doing the past months, we will continue to monitor development in the McLean and Tysons area with the perspective of looking at future capacity impacts for McLean HS, Langley HS and our other area schools to determine necessary capacity improvements.  

What factors led to the selection of Option B?  

Option B allows for 190 HS students to be moved to Langley HS from McLean HS over the phasing period. This will help alleviate some of the overcrowding at McLean HS. In addition, the Colvin Run split feeder and 10% of the Springhill split feeder will now be alleviated.  Unfortunately, we could not alleviate both split feeders due to capacity constraints at Cooper MS.  By including all of the neighborhoods to the west of the intersection of Rt. 7 and the Dulles Toll Road, option B does not create an McLean HS attendance island and does increase transportation efficiencies.  In addition, neighborhoods in both the Colvin Run area and the Tysons area of the Springhill ES attendance area were kept intact.  Community input in the form of public hearing testimony, phone calls, and emails to me and other Board members over the boundary adjustment was generally supportive of Option B.  I thank all of you who took the time to reach out to me.  

The change with this boundary adjustment will happen slowly as we have grandfathered all current students at Longfellow MS and Mclean HS and are allowing current 8th graders to determine which high school they will attend. This will allow us to monitor capacity changes closely and to make sure the schools can adjust to any changes without hardship.  


The phasing approved last night is based on attrition mandating rising 7th graders to move to Cooper MS. Rising 9th graders will be given a choice of attending Langley HS or McLean HS. This choice is binding for all 4 years of high school and will have bus transportation provided all four years. 

Approved phasing with rising ninth grade option

Rising 9th grader choice

  • Here is a description of the phasing by grade level:
    • Current 6th grader goes to Cooper MS next year.
    • Current LMS 7th grader stays at LMS for 8th grade and SY 22-23 goes to Langley HS
    • Current LMS 8th grader 
      • Choose to attend Langley or McLean HS next year (must attend chosen HS all 4 years)
      • Decision deadline 3/19/21
    • Current MHS 9th/10th/11th grader stays at McLean HS next year and completes HS at McLean
  • No current students attending Longfellow MS or McLean HS will be reassigned.

Registration Contacts

If my family lives in the boundary adjustment, who do I contact for registration at my student’s new school?   

  • Langley HS: Langley’s registrar, Mary Gratz. She can be reached at  703-287-2722 or @email
  • Cooper MS: Cooper’s SIA, Annie Eisman. She can be reached at 703- 442-5812 or @email.

If my family lives in the boundary adjustment and has a rising 9th grader, who do I contact for registration?   Note:  This must be done by March 19, 2021.

  • If your rising 9th grade student attends Longfellow MS and wishes to attend Langley HS: Langley’s registrar, Mary Gratz. She can be reached at  703-287-2722 or @email
  • If your rising 9th grade student attends Longfellow MS and wishes to attend McLean HS: McLean's registrar, Mary Bartenfeld. She can be reached at 703-714-5722 or @email

Younger siblings

Will younger siblings be allowed to attend the same high school as older siblings?

  • Sibling transfers would have to follow the application process for student transfers. However, it is anticipated that Cooper MS, Longfellow MS, Langley HS, and McLean HS will be closed to transfers with any boundary adjustment to allow the schools to adjust to the change in population for SY 2021-22


Will transportation be provided to both schools over the timeframe of phasing in the boundary change? 

  • Yes, the areas adjusted will have transportation to both schools to allow for the transition.