September 12, 2018

2018 PSAT Day Information, Wednesday, October 10

All students in grades 9, 10, & 11 will take the PSAT on Wednesday.  This is a two-hour early release day.  The day will begin with Period 2, Saxon Time (30 minutes), followed by a 10-minute break.  Testing begins promptly at 8:50, no students will be admitted to a test room after 9:00.  Students with time accommodations will begin testing promptly at 8:10, those not at their test site by 8:15, will be unable to test with time accommodations, but may take the standard test beginning at 8:50.  Students with time accommodations should arrange for after-test transportation as it is unlikely the test will be completed before bus departures at 1:00.

On test day all students are responsible for bringing a calculator for use on the math section (see College Board Acceptable Calculator List), however the test is designed such that it can be taken without a calculator.  Regrettably, there is not a supply of calculators available to be lent if a student fails to either bring a calculator or brings a non-approved calculator.

Acceptable Calculators. 

PSAT Day Opportunity for Seniors

On October 10th, LHS will host an optional activity for 12th grade students.  Seniors can report to their English teacher for help on their college essay.  The senior teachers will be available 8:10-112:30 in Rooms 2425 and 2427.  Senior please enter and depart through Door #12, the gym concession entrance, only. 

Should students decide not to participate in this event they can work on their college essays at home.