PTSA Reflections Art Contest Winners

The Reflections Art Contest 2022-23 is now concluded on the local level.

Many thanks to the LHS office, Students Activities, teachers, and of course the PTSA for their help and support.

Applause and Bravo to the talented participating students, who graciously shared their inspiration and voices, by creating their wonderful and unique works of art. The winning entries are moving onto the Regional level.

PTSA Reflections Art Contest Winners

 Langley High School 2022-23

“Show Your Voice!”


First Place - Scarlett Adams 11th, “No Longer Afraid”

Honorable Mention - Ashley Headrick 11th, “Emmy the Tabby”

Honorable mention - Oscar Jordon 9th, “Dandelion”

Honorable Mention - Sean Lee 11th, “All Star”

Honorable Mention - Kevin Lee 11th, “Connect to Disconnect”


First Place - Aryana Molaiy 10th, “A Day to Remember”

Honorable Mention - Sarah Irwin 10th, “Protecting the Colors of Fall”

Music Composition

First Place - Aditya Gupta 11th, “Another Sad Story in the News”

Honorable Mention - Lianna Hong 11th, “Wild Flowers at the Sea”

Visual Arts

First Place - Peter Thoreson 11th, “Drowned”

Honorable Mention - Audri Barua 9th, “Erased”

Film Production

Keely Wen 10th, “No Planet B”