PTSA Reflections Contest Winners

PTSA Reflections Contest Winners

Langley High School 2019-2020 

Congratulations to the victors of Langley's annual Reflections art contest! This year judges were confounded by many amazing pieces.  A total of 29 entries competed for first place in the areas of Film, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, and Visual Arts. We can give homage to all the contestants who put their creativity to work and presented excellence.  All our first place entries will now move forward to the Northern Virginia District competition. Attached are the first place pieces from Burak Topo in Photography and Jessie Wiberg in Visual Arts.  Enjoy!  

Film Production

First Place - Ana Grajdeanu, Grade 11, “Craving for Change”

Honorable Mention - Anderson Hauptli, Grade 12, “Protrusion”


First Place - Adelaide Loving, Grade 11, “On My Own Two Wheels”

Honorable Mention - Eric Wallace, Grade 12, “Pictures”


Music Composition 

First Place - Tim Wang, Grade 9, “Recall of My Heart”

Honorable Mention - Michael Mill, Grade 9, “The Dramas of Youth”  


First Place - Burak Topo, Grade 12, “Deep Look into Your Eyes”

Honorable Mention - Ariana Mushtaq, Grade 10, “My Worn Adidas”

Visual Arts

First Place - Jessie Wiberg, Grade 12, “Into the Tunnel”

Honorable Mention - Rohaan Sindhwani, Grade 9, “Recipe of Me”



Reflections Contest Winners