26 Pebbles Assembly on February 25

Fine & Performing Arts
February 11, 2022

26 Pebbles 

Brian Kaufman and Saxon Stage are proud to present their 2022 competition play, 26 Pebbles, on Friday, February 25 during the first part of Langley Links as one of the options for the Teacher Choice Board for that day. Due to the sensitive nature of the play, students may opt out of participating. A description of the play is listed below. If you/your student would like to opt out of attending the play, please contact your student’s Langley Links teacher, who will make alternate arrangements if needed. The audience seating in the Auditorium is limited, so attendance will be available on a first-come, first-served sign up by Langley Links teachers.

Description of “26 Pebbles”

On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 26 innocent souls before taking his own life. These 26 innocent deaths, like pebbles thrown into a pond, created ripples and vibrations that were felt far beyond the initial rings. This is the story of those vibrations.

Similar in style to The Laramie Project, 26 Pebbles is a heartbreaking and riveting docudrama. Playwright Eric Ulloa conducted interviews with members of the community in Newtown and crafted them into an exploration of gun violence and a small town shaken by a horrific event.

26 Pebbles
Poster created by Brianna Harris