Langley is a College Success Award Winner

By Nancy Ayoub
November 04, 2020

Langley High School has won a 2020 College Success Award

We are proud to announce that  Langley High School has received’ 2020 College Success Award!

The College Success Award recognizes and celebrates high schools, like ours, that demonstrate excellence in ensuring students are prepared to succeed in college.

Langley is one of 2,158 schools in 29 states across the country to be honored with the Award, which is based on data indicating how our school prepares students to succeed after high school, including whether they enroll in college, are ready for college-level coursework when they get there, and persist into their second year. See the full list of winners from Virginia and watch videos about promising practices at high schools across the country at

We applaud the hard work of the entire Langley community—including students, parents, teachers, and others that aspire to help our students succeed in college and beyond. Congratulations on receiving the 2020 College Success Award!