By Jennifer Stocks
January 17, 2018

This past weekend, Langley's Model United Nations team traveled to compete in Gar-Field High School’s Model United Nations Conference. Facing VERY tough competition from other teams, such as McLean and Chantilly High Schools, Langley Model UN won the BEST LARGE TEAM DELEGATION award (equivalent to FIRST PLACE).  In addition, ALL of our delegates won individual awards (a Langley FIRST!!!!), which are listed below. Best Delegation is equivalent to first place, Outstanding Delegation is equivalent to second, Honorable Delegation is equivalent to third place, and Verbal Commendation is equivalent to fourth place.  Please congratulate the students on a job well done!

Disarmament & Security (DISEC):

Richard She & Bryan Zhao:  Verbal Commendation
Tarra Olfat & Diego Morandi:  Outstanding Delegation

United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP):

Garrett Wilde & Surya Reddy:  Verbal Commendation
Ishan Dogra & Tyler Donohue:  Honorable Delegation
Max Stevens & Lohita Sunkara:  Outstanding Delegation

Social, Humanitarian & Cultural (SOCHUM):

Anand Menon & Sumayyah McTaggart:  Verbal Commendation
Quinn Brown & Shreya Papneja:  Honorable Delegation

African Union (AU):

Colleen Sherry & Max Ellis:  Honorable Delegation
Nate Buchanan & Juan Pablo Diaz: BEST DELEGATION

Organization of American States (OAS):

Ritvik Chennupati & Daniel Kalish:  Verbal Commendation
Kavye Vij & Alex Marjanovich:  Outstanding Delegation

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN):

Edmund Leigh & Rishal Jagtap:  Outstanding Delegation
Arvind Nachiappan & Junne Zhu: BEST DELEGATION

United Nations Security Council (UNSC):


United Nations Commission on Science & Technology for Development (UNCSTD):

Lauren Fahlberg:  BEST DELEGATION


Reece Herberg:  Outstanding Delegation
Darian Kaviani:  BEST DELEGATION

Attack on Titan:

Ritwik Jagtap:  Honorable Delegation

Marvel Universe:

Adu Menon:  Outstanding Delegation

Game of Thrones:  Fire & Ice:  JCC:

Ethan McDonnell:  Outstanding Delegation

Game of Thrones:  Queen’s Landing:  JCC:

Angelina Paul:  Verbal Commendation
Ben Goodson:  Honorable Delegation

Trump’s America:  Executive Branch:  JCC:

Suleiman Tahir:  Verbal Commendation

Trump’s America:  Legislative Branch:  JCC:

Thomas Liu:  Honorable Delegation
Kelsey Gilchrist:  Outstanding Delegation

Trump’s America:  Judicial Branch: JCC:

Brian Gomez Committee on Diplomacy
Manya Vij: Outstanding Delegation

In addition to committee wars, one award is given to one delegate in the entire conference who displays exemplary diplomacy. This award is named the Brian Gomez Award to honor a former Gar-Field High School student.  This year, the members of the Gar-Field High School Model UN team recognized our student, and president of our club, Adu Menon, by giving him this prestigious award for his diplomacy.