School Mural Wins Award!

Perkins Eastman Named Merit Winner in the HOW In-House Design Awards!

By Kim Greer
October 02, 2018

The Langley HS wall mural was recently named the Perkins Eastman Named Merit Winner in the HOW In-House Design Awards! As a gift to their school, the 2017 graduating class of Langley High School sought to create a mural that would express their school pride and what it means to be a Saxon – being equal, creative, empowered, etc. After collaborating with the students, Perkins Eastman designed a vibrant 2-story graphic that fills the previously empty wall in their gathering space. Printed on 3M vinyl and thermally applied so it appears painted on, the final design tells their story through a transition of profiles representing their diversity of Langley, each becoming more unified as they grow into their beloved mascot, the Saxon.

The mural, a project developed by Perkins Eastman and designed by Alexandra Alepohoritis, was chosen as one of 70 Merit award-winning designs in the most recent HOW In-House Design Awards, which recognizes the very best creative work produced by designers doing in-house work for corporations, associations and organizations. The 70 winning projects were evaluated by business category by three judges—Meghan Newell, senior art director at Lyft, Mike Rice, creative director at Amazon, former senior creative director at Whole Foods, former global design director at PepsiCo, former global creative director at P&G , and Viet Huynh, communication designer at Slack—with support from the HOW editorial staff. These projects will gain exposure in the all-new HOW + Print book The Best of Design scheduled to be released in the summer of 2019, as well as online at

Congratulations, Langley High School and Perkins Eastman!