Langley Science Olympiad

By Leah Puhlick
February 26, 2018

Langley Science Olympiad crushed the competition Saturday to take FIRST PLACE at the Fairfax Regional Science Olympiad.  This earns them a spot at the State Science Olympiad in April.  Langley had 3 teams of 15 students at the competition and won medals in every single event.  Here are some highlights:

1st Place Medals

Chenming Wang and Alex Surratt in Hovercraft
Kimberly Han and Katie Shvodian in Helicopters
Dan Ni and Daniel Mousavi in Material Science
Casey Crawford and Belinda Xi in Thermodynamics
Kyle Cheng and Daniel Mousavi in Anatomy & Physiology
Dan Ni and Reva Siva in Rocks & Minerals
Dan Ni and Emma Ritchie in Chemistry Lab
Chenming Wang and Patrick Marshoun in Remote Sensing
Jason Jin and Jayeesh Chennupati in Dynamic Planet
Luke Flaxman and Ari Tretiak in Fermi Questions
Grace Shvodian and Emma Ritchie in Optics
Kyle Cheng and Reva Siva in Herpetology
Patrick Corrigan in Mission Possible
Reva Siva and Rupa Siva in Microbe Mission

2nd Place Medals

Camden Hao, Casey Crawford, and Rupa Siva in Experimental Design
Victoria Li and Katie Shvodian in Dynamic Planet
Luke Flaxman and Eileen Wen in Rocks & Minerals
Alice Liu and Daniel Mousavi in Ecology
Ashley Zhang and Daum Song in Remote Sensing
Katie Shvodian and Kimberly Han in Optics
Kelly Ho and Arshan Goudarzi in Herpetology