Building construction is currently underway. Read about the updates as we progress to a new Langley.

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Construction Updates

May, 2018

It's hard to believe but we are approaching the end of the renovation project!  Student Services recently moved into the building into their new suite located where the old library was.  Classes that were in the trailers are now in the building.   The trailers will soon be moved out of our parking lot and relocated to another school.

The last major areas left for renovations are the cafeteria hallway, the math hallway (old science hallway), and the parking lot.  We are told that these areas will be done over the summer and will be ready when students return in the fall.  During the summer, the main parking lot will be closed and traffic will be diverted to the left side of the building for temporary parking. The main courtyard will also be completed over the summer and students should be able to enjoy this area next fall.

May 22, 2017

Work continues on the front section of the building as well as the side section next to the parking lot. The following will occur over the next few weeks:

  • The 2008 addition will be open for the 2017-18 school year. Our special education classes will be housed on the 1st floor and world language and ESOL on the 2nd floor. Teachers will relocate to those areas over the summer break.
  • Construction is on-going in the front of the building on the library (2nd floor) and art rooms (1st floor). We anticipate a late fall opening of these areas. Stay tuned for more information.
  • The classrooms on the 1st and 2nd floors in the front of the building is progressing nicely and we expect a late fall opening for those rooms as well. Stay tuned for more information.
  • The wrestling room, PE locker rooms, driver education and health classrooms are being built on the parking lot side of the building. There is still substantial construction to be completed in that area.
  • The cafeteria will not undergo renovation this summer as previously reported. The contractors instead will be focusing their resources on completing the library and art rooms. The cafeteria will be renovated during the summer of 2018.
  • There will be no major parking lot work this summer, so access to the field and Student Services should not be impacted.

We continue to be excited about the progress that has been made thus far.  The newly renovated areas are being enjoyed by staff and students alike. 

April 7, 2017  

The construction and renovation of Langley High School is moving along at a steady pace. Currently, work is being done in the following areas as part of Phase 2:

  • In the front of the building the steel structure for the new library (2nd floor) and the art rooms on the first floor has been erected.
  • Classrooms on the 2nd floor of the old Humanities Hallway are currently being renovated. These rooms will be World Languages classrooms.
  • Classrooms on the 1st floor near the band room are currently being renovated. These rooms will be World Language classrooms.
  • The 2008 addition on the west side of the school will house our Special Education students on the 1st floor and more World Language classrooms on the 2nd floor. This renovation process will be completed for the start of the 2017-18 school year.
  • The area on the parking lot side of the building (the old main office/guidance area) will house health and PE classrooms and dressing rooms.
  • The old weight room will be bumped out several feet and will house the wrestling room.
  • The old PE dressing rooms will be renovated and the Director of Student Activities will be located there.  The new weight room will be in that area as well.
  • This summer, the main part of the cafeteria will be renovated. During the summer of 2018, the cafeteria will be expanded across the hallway all the way to the courtyard.
  • Our new press box and lights have been installed in the stadium, and the new ticket booth and entrance have been completed and provide for a stunning entrance to our stadium area!

All in all, the project is moving along well. With the mild winter, the contractor has been able to get a lot more accomplished as a result. We are excited about the progress that has been made and the students, staff, and parents have really enjoyed our new areas!

June 24, 2015

If you have driven by LHS since school let out, you will notice a lot of work has been done. During the summer, upwards of 200 workers will be on our campus trying to get as much done prior to September 8th. During the upcoming weeks the following changes will be happening:

  • The parking lot will be cordoned off from entrance 7 to the trailers. This is being done as they are doing sewer and storm water drain work. The field and track are still accessible, but one will have to go around the coned off area to get to it. This will last until the middle of July.
  • Entrance 8, (the old Auditorium entrance) will finally be shut off. They are building a wall in the main lobby as I am writing this that will section off the new addition from the current building. We will lose the restrooms in the main lobby, however, we will gain back the restrooms that we lost on the 1st and 2nd floor in the northwest corner of the building.
  • The parking lot by the stadium will be paved to have an asphalt surface.

When school resumes in September, we will have the same parking lot footprint and the Kiss and Ride and bus loop will remain the same. As always, we appreciate your flexibility and patience as we progress through this renovation project.

February 6, 2015

The VDOT permit has been received by the county, the site meeting with the county and the contractor has been held and the green light has been given! What that means is that construction is beginning, and you will be seeing a  lot of work begin immediately. I am including some important information so that you will be prepared for some of the changes that will be occurring.

  • Entrance 8 by the auditorium: that door will be closed sometime next week.
  • The lobby area: by the end of the month, a wall will be built bisecting (somewhat) the main lobby. This will mean, among other things, that the restrooms in the lobby will not be available. The plan is for the entire area near the auditorium to be demolished (except the "shell" of the auditorium) and the new wing to be built. As such, the wall will be built to separate the construction area from the operating area of the school.
  • Parking: We will be losing 35 spots in the main parking area by the end of  February. There is good news; they are going to keep the parking area in the back by the scoreboard side of the stadium open as long as possible. The county is working with the contractor to build in some temporary spots in the back of the building before closing those other parking spots.
  • Do not be surprised to find a 6 ft. chain link fence blocking an area that you are used to accessing. Things can and will change quickly during this renovation.  Safety is our number 1 priority and we have been assured that there will be signs directing everyone where to go should an exit be blocked off.
  • The Kiss and Ride will still remain the same with students entering the building through entrance #2 in the new wing. The main entrance to the building will continue to be entrance 7 by the gymnasium.

January 12, 2015

As we communicated to you back in November, the bid for the Langley High School renovation project has been awarded to Dustin Construction. The bid came in well under the anticipated costs, so there will be no reduction in the scope of the project. As of this writing, Dustin  is awaiting approval of a permit through the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) that will allow them to move their equipment on site and begin construction. We have been told that will take 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, light demolition will begin in the auditorium area, the attendance area and in the math wing. This will consist of the removal of ceiling tile, electrical work, etc.

Beginning this upcoming Monday, January 12, the following areas will be off limits and closed to prepare for demolition:

  • The auditorium and surrounding spaces
  • The old main entrance area (entrance 1) at  the front of  building
  • The auditorium lobby

Our Kiss and Ride car flow pattern remains the same, but Kiss and Ride students will need to enter the building  via the new wing out front (entrance 2) or walk around to the doors adjacent to our main parking lot (entrance 7). Once construction begins in earnest, we will do our best to communicate in a timely manner any changes  that may impact our students and families. We will also be posting updates on our webpage to help keep everyone informed as we go through this project. Thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding.

October 29, 2014

Dustin Construction won the bid to be the General Contractor for the Langley High School renovation project. Their bid of $59.8 million will allow the project to proceed with NO reduction in the scope of work. The school board is scheduled to approve the bid at their November 17 meeting. Dustin has most recently completed the Edison High School and Marshall High School projects in Fairfax County Public Schools.

September 18, 2014

  • New Date: Pre-Bid Meeting 10/16/14
  • New Date: Bids Close 10/29/14 @ 3:00 PM

September 11, 2014

This is  a reminder and clarification about access to the building during the renovation.  In the morning before school, the Kiss and Ride Drop off area will be at entrance #2 which is the entrance of the new wing. That entrance will be locked at 7:30 AM after morning arrival. Any parent or visitor needing access to the building after 7:30 AM will need to use entrance #7 which is in the entrance by the gymnasium in the main parking lot. This procedure will be in effect until further notice.

September 3, 2014

Welcome back to school! Students and staff are settling in the new trailers and getting used to the changes in and outside the building. One big change for students was the blocking of the math hallway. This was done for the safety of our students as there are no teachers in that area to supervise. Please note the new traffic patterns for the "Kiss and Ride" as well as the bus entry. Use caution when entering and leaving school grounds. Our teachers and staff were asked for "patience and flexibility" and we ask the same from our Langley community.

July 29, 2014

  • Back on The Streets:  9/15/14
  • Pre-Bid Meeting:  10/8/14
  • Bid: 10/22/14
  • School Board for Info:  10/23/14
  • School Board for Award:  11/6/14

July 3, 2014

Four additional quads will be delivered next week. In all, there will be 32 classrooms located in the new trailers. Good news: The trailers are brand new!