Academic Advising Information

Academic Advising Information




T 12/17 (Saxon Time)

Elective Fair (Students sign up for 3 sessions)

Monday, January 13

Curriculum Night for Parents and Students

R 1/9 (Extended 1st pd)

Academic Advising Presentation to Students

M 1/13-1/31 (via English)

1:1 Course Registration Rising Seniors via English 11

M 1/31- 2/15 (via HPE10)

1:1 Course Registration Rising Juniors via HPE 10

T  2/19-3/1 (via HPE9)

1:1 Course Registration Rising Sophomores via HPE 9


Additional Resources (underline denotes hyperlink):

            Langley HS Course Catalog

for a description of all courses offered at LHS


LHS Advanced Placement Resources

If you are thinking about taking AP courses, take a look at these resources as you look to find the best fit and balance.

AP Course Expectations – Discover the time commitment and workloads for individual AP courses.

Advanced Placement Reality Check – Try answering some questions to see if you’re ready for an AP course?


Graduation Requirements

Because graduation requirements are based upon the time you enter the 9th grade, please click on the appropriate link below:

First Time Ninth Grade in 2018-19 and beyond (Current Freshman & Sophomores)

First Time Ninth Grade in 2017-2018 (Current Juniors)


LHS Academic Advising Site: