Langley Leap

What is Langley Leap?

Langley Leap 2020

Description of Program:  Eligible seniors will participate in a 5-day internship in local businesses, schools, and community service organizations in our area.  This experience will benefit students in numerous ways:  to help them explore a possible area of interest in college, to provide tangible experience putting academic interests in action in a non-academic setting, and, ideally, to provide an opportunity to give time and effort to organizations that need both.

Timing of Senior Experience:  May 18th – May 22nd, 2020.  These dates will be finalized after graduation week activities are determined.  Students will spend 35 total hours at their internship.

Selection of Students:  A senior is eligible for the Langley Leap Senior Internship Experience if they meet ALL the following criteria:

1. A 2.75 cumulative GPA at 7th semester 

2. Students must have a C or higher as a cumulative grade in each class (including online classes) at

    the end of the third quarter, and must maintain this grade of C or higher through 4th quarter in each

    class until Leap begins. Multiple grade verifications will be required to be/remain eligible to Leap.

3. No more than three (3) excused absences during the third quarter and no more than three (3) excused

    absences during the fourth quarter until the internship starts, excluding school-related activities and

    two (2) days allotted for college visits. Any unexcused absences may disqualify a student from

    participating in Leap

4. Teachers’ signatures and the senior class administrator’s signature to show that student is in good

    standing – and maintains good standing – regarding attendance, discipline, and grades

5. Completes all components of the Langley Leap Application Packet (available starting January 6, 2020) by the deadline Friday, March 20, 2020

6. Attends Ethics Day Forum on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

7. Pays / rectifies all existing obligations by Monday, May 11, 2020 (one week before Leap starts)

Performing Arts Policy:  If you are enrolled in a choir, orchestra, band, or theatre course this year and plan to participate in Langley Leap, note that all rehearsals and performances are mandatory. These include class period rehearsals, afterschool rehearsals and dress rehearsals as scheduled per class.

AP/SOL Exam Policy: If you must take a late/rescheduled AP exam or SOL exam required for graduation during the week of May 18-22, you will be required to miss your internship and return to Langley to take the exam. Adjustments will be made in the required internship hours as necessary.

Grading:  Students will complete classes by the time the internships start. A student’s final grade for each class will be the determined by the grades achieved up to the start of the internship.  Langley Leap seniors will be exempt from taking final exams (except online or dual-enrollment classes).

Additional Information: Senior Government teachers will facilitate dissemination and collection of Leap Packets and will have contact information for internships starting in January. Students enrolled in online Government will submit all Leap paperwork to Leap Coordinator, Mr. Ryan Jackson.