Senior Class Handbook

Guidelines for preparing college applications for the Class of 2018

The Student Services Department at Langley High School is dedicated to helping students and parents transition to life after high school. Hopefully, you have already attended junior coffees, junior night and other programs and begun the decisions of “what is next”. For many of you, continuing your education is the next step.

If you are pursuing college admittance then you should be in the process of visiting colleges, gathering application requirements and using Family Connections to create your college potential list.  The counselors typically meet with the seniors during the first quarter to review the list of colleges and gather any additional information needed for the letter of recommendation.

Unless you indicate a different preference, all counselors will write a letter of recommendation for all students. Within this handbook, you will find two pages that are significant in the letter writing process, Parent Response Form & Senior Information Sheet. Please complete the questions truthfully and completely (HINT: writing about specific examples is very helpful) and return to your counselor in a timely fashion.  Counselor statements/letters of recommendation will not be shared with students and/or parents. These are confidential letters with positive information about the student. If a counselor feels that they cannot write a positive letter about a student then they will contact the student immediately.

All students are responsible for sending out the college application and meeting all deadlines. We do not send out the student application section for any reason. We must mail our letters of recommendation and transcripts to the school directly. Each counselor is responsible for 50 to 75 seniors, it is very important to be aware of deadlines and honor their time. Please give counselors a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks to put together a letter of recommendation and transcript.

As a reminder, we do not send out test results. They must be sent directly from CollegeBoard or ACT Testing.

Use Family Connection…it is to your advantage as it is a resource which includes Langley specific data. On Family Connection, you will find detailed information about upcoming college visits, testing results, college admissions statistics and college contact information. It is an invaluable resource, so start using it now.

College Application Process Timeline for Seniors

Spring/Fall 2017

During the spring/fall of junior year, students attend college visits on college campuses and in the Career Center. For college visits in the Career Center, dates and times are posted online through Family Connection, morning announcements and in Career Center. Sign up at least 24 hours in advance to attend the visits (passes available in the Career Center). Check w/teachers for approval.

**Communicate with teachers whom you would like to request a letter of recommendation from before leaving for the summer. Students should give teachers at least one month in the fall to complete their letter.

August 2017

Summer College Application workshops offered at Langley.

August 1: Common Application and Coalition Applications are live!  Students may create applications. Non Common App/Coalition App School Applications may be open; check college sites to see.

August 26: SAT Exam

August/September 2017

Your finalized list of colleges should be added to Family Connection under “My Colleges”.

September 8: Deadline to sign up for the Oct. 7 SAT.

September 9: ACT Exam

September 5: Senior College Planning Night at Langley

September 22: Deadline to sign up for the October 28 ACT 

Attend college visits in the College & Career Center!

September 23: Deadline for Early Action request for transcripts, counselor recommendation, etc. must be in to your counselor for any October 15  schools (i.e. University of South Carolina, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, etc.)

October 2017      

October 1: FAFSA is open!

October 1: National Performing & Visual Arts Fair, DC

October 3: Financial Aid Night at McLean High School, 7:00 p.m.

October 6: Deadline for Early Decision/Early Action requests for transcripts, counselor recommendation, etc. must be in to your counselor. Early decision students should continue the application process for all schools and NOT WAIT until the decision is received.

October 6: Deadline to sign up for the November 5 SAT 

October 7: SAT Exam

October 15: FCPS College Fair at Fair Oaks Mall   October 16: FCPS College Night at Hayfield Secondary School

October 28: ACT Exam

Attend college visits in the College & Career Center!

November 2017

November 3: Deadline to sign up for the December 2 SAT 

November 3: Deadline to sign up for the December 9 ACT 

November 4: SAT Exam

November TBD: ASVAB Exam at Langley

December 2017    

December 1: DEADLINE FOR ALL final requests for transcripts and counselor recommendations along with the required self-addressed, stamped envelope and check for transcripts must be in to your counselor by this date. Information received after this date will not be processed until after winter break.

December 2: SAT Exam

December 9: ACT Exam

January 2018

January 5: Deadline to sign up for the February 10 ACT 

February 2018    

February TBA: Gap Year Fair at Marshall High School

February 9: Deadline to sign up for March 10th SAT at 

February 6: ACT Exam

Student Services sends mid-year grades to all colleges you submitted transcripts to.

March 2018    

March 10: SAT Exam

April 2018    

All admission decisions should be in by mid-April. If you have been offered a spot on a waitlist and you would like to pursue it, please do so immediately. If you have questions, see your counselor or Mrs. Wolff, in the College and Career Center.

May 2018        

May 1: National Candidates Reply Date. Let all other colleges know that you will not be accepting their offers.

Complete your senior survey in the Career Center by May 18, 2018 to ensure your final transcript gets to the school you have chosen to attend.

College Visits at Langley

On-site college visits occur in the spring and fall at Langley High School, with the majority of them in September and October of each year. Students in their junior and senior year are invited to attend these visits to meet with admission representatives and learn more about prospective college options. All visits are in the College & Career Center. Visits are generally 30 to 60 minutes long.

In Family Connection, if you add your list of colleges in the "colleges I'm thinking about" section, you will be notified of representative visits a few days prior to the visit. The College & Career Center maintains a list, as does the general Family Connection site. If you need help adding colleges to your list, see your counselor or Mrs. Wolff in the College & Career Center. You must get permission from your teacher to miss class time for a meeting with an admission representative.

To attend a visit, students must:

- Be a Junior or Senior - Be a Langley student - Get a pass from the College & Career Center at least one day in advance of the college visit.  YOUR PASS MUST BE SIGNED BY THE TEACHER OF THE CLASS YOU WILL BE MISSING PRIOR TO ATTENDING A VISIT.

If you are unable to attend a visit but have questions for the admissions representative, please see Mrs. Wolff in the College & Career Center.

College Visits Outside of Langley

Students may visits colleges throughout the year, and we recommend students visit schools prior to applying. In addition to visiting college campuses and the college visits in the College & Career Center, many schools will host receptions and informational sessions in the DC metro area. The College and Career Center will send out these opportunities via email, or students may also receive this information directly from the colleges. The majority of these require students and families to sign up for these sessions and many will fill up quickly.


Although fewer and fewer colleges conduct college interviews these days, you may have an opportunity to interview during your visit to campus. Like a productive job interview, successful college visits result from good preparation. Be prepared to talk about yourself academically and socially. Admission representatives or other interviewers will ask about course work, scholastic standing, co-curricular activities, and your personal life. Know your strengths and weaknesses and be ready to talk about what you value. You may also interview off campus. If you are contacted for an interview, please make sure you respond within 24 hours of their request.

Definitions of Admission Options in Higher Education

Which college admission process best suits you?

Non-Restrictive Application Plans

Regular Decision

Definition:  Students submit an application by a specified date and receive a decision in a clearly stated period of time.

Commitment:  Non-binding

Rolling Admission

Definition:  Institutions review applications as they are submitted and render admission decisions throughout the admission cycle.

Commitment:  Non-binding

Early Action

Definition:  Students apply early and receive a decision well in advance of the institution's regular response date.

Commitment:  Non-binding

Students are not restricted from applying to other institutions and have until May 1 to consider their options and confirm enrollment.

Restrictive Application Plans

Early Decision (ED)

Definition: Students make a commitment to a first-choice institution where, if admitted, they definitely will enroll.  The application deadline and decision deadline occur early.

Commitment:  Binding

Restrictive Early Action (REA)

Definition:  Students apply to an institution of preference and receive a decision early.  They may be restricted from applying ED or EA or REA to other institutions.  If offered enrollment, they have until May 1 to confirm.

Commitment:  Non-binding

Students are responsible for determining and following restrictions.

Components of the College Application

Langley Materials Transcript, secondary school report form, counselor recommendation, school profile, mid-year report, final transcript

Teacher Recommendations Sent by teachers

Test Scores Sent by student, not by Langley

Application, Essay and Payment Sent by student

Supplemental Materials If applicable, interview and supplemental materials (portfolio, supplemental essays, graded paper, peer recommendation, etc). Sent by student.

Working with Your Counselor:  The College List and Materials

Students will generate their final college to submit to their counselors along with other required forms. All materials listed on the senior checklist must be submitted to your counselor by the deadline of:

September 22: October deadlines October 6: Early Decision/Early Action (November 1& 15, December 1) deadlines December 1: All other deadlines.

It is okay to add schools at later dates should you decide to apply to more, but we must send out everything prior to the winter holiday break.  Even those who have applied early will need to create a final list at this point, as they may not have received responses from their early applications.

We recommend that students apply to 6-8 schools. The list should be balanced and realistic; student lists should have match and highly likely schools that they would be happy attending.

Requesting a Transcript

Determine if any colleges on list require paper submission. This information is located in Family Connection.

Parent Response Form Your counselor will use the information provided in this form to create your recommendation letter.  (See your counselor or the College and Career Center for this form.)

Senior Information Sheet Your counselor will use the information provided in this form to create your recommendation letter.  (See your counselor or the College and Career Center for this form.)

Second Semester Senior Year Grades/Final Transcript

Student Services will automatically send out semester grades, normally mid-February, to every college we have record of sending a transcript to. You do not need to provide us with any mid-year report forms from the specific colleges. Our involvement will continue until late spring when every student has made a final decision. All seniors will be required to fill out a senior survey in May indicating the college they will be attending. Based on this survey, Langley High School will automatically mail a final transcript upon graduation to the college listed. You do not need to provide us with any final transcript forms.

Test Scores

Langley High School does not report SAT, ACT, or AP scores to the colleges. It is the student’s responsibility to send all office score reports from the College Board or the ACT program to each college. Please note that sending AP scores is a student’s choice. A student needs only to send official AP scores to the college where he/she eventually attends. When completing applications, students can self-report AP scores in the testing section.

Counselor Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are a team effort. We draw information from the student’s cumulative academic record, student response form, student interview, parent response form, activity resume, as well as teacher comments to form a comprehensive letter of recommendation. We do not release school letters to parents or students as the letters are considered confidential communication between Langley High School and the colleges.

Teacher Letters of Recommendation

In addition to the counselor recommendation, most colleges will ask for recommendations from teachers. The teacher that you feel knows you the best should be asked if they would be willing to write a recommendation. Counselors do not review or read the required teacher recommendations. These are considered confidential communication between the teachers and the colleges.

Special Circumstances

If there was a significant event that happened during your time at Langley that you feel is important for the colleges to consider when making a decision, please let your counselor know. These circumstances may include but are not limited to, extended leave of absence from school, illness, family/ personal situations. Langley counselors will NOT disclose a learning disability to the colleges, unless the student and parent ask that the information be shared. If you are unsure as to whether or not you should disclose please ask your counselor.

Class of 2018

Transcript Request Deadlines

September 22, 2017

Early Action October 15 Deadline. Sign up to see counselor ASAP

October 6, 2017 Early Action/Early Decision/Rolling admission –sign up to see your counselor ASAP.
December 1, 2017 Final Request for transcripts and counselor letters of recommendation.
Mid-February 2018 Counselors send out mid-year grades to any college a student has submitted a transcript.
July 2018 Final transcript submitted to the college the student is matriculating to.

Please note: The above deadlines assist Langley counselors in managing college materials and writing letters of recommendations for our students.  You must submit college lists, envelops, stamps, transcript money, senior information sheet, and parent response forms by the above deadlines.

You do not need to submit your actual applications to colleges by these deadlines. You also do not need to wait for transcripts and letters of rec to be submitted before submitting your application.

Senior Checklist

Items Required to Process College Applications

Students should submit the following to their counselor by the transcript request deadlines (see deadlines listed).

All required forms are available with your counselor or in the College and Career Center.

  • List of all colleges/universities you are applying to.   Make sure to include deadlines, deadline type (EA, ED, regular, etc) and delivery type (Paper, Common App, eDocs).
  • Completed Senior Information Sheet. This form will be used to complete counselor recommendations. 
  • Parent Response Form. This form will be used to complete counselor recommendations. 
  • Addressed manila envelopes (10x13) for each college that requires paper submission of transcripts (designated in Family Connection Delivery Type as Paper or Common App). DO NOT INCLUDE RETURN ADDRESS. Each envelope requires three postal stamps.
  • Payment. Your first three transcripts are FREE. Each additional transcript is $5. Checks should be made payable to Langley High School or cash.
  • Transcript Release Form
  • Final Activities Resume 

All items must be hand delivered to counselor. If you do not see your counselor, you may not leave it in their mailbox or on their office door. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Remember that you are responsible for sending your test scores directly from the testing sites.

College Board


Forms to be Completed by Student and Parent

See your counselor or the College and Career Center for the following forms which you will need to complete your college application process. 

  • Colleges I Am Applying To
  • Parent Response Form (to be completed by parent)
  • Senior Information Sheet (to be completed by student to assist counselor in composing letter of recommendation)
  • Student Activity Resume 
  • Teacher Recommendation Request Form (submit to teacher when requesting recommendation