Mission and Vision

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Mission Statement 

The mission of Langley High School is to provide a challenging and enriching academic environment that inspires students to develop the skills necessary to become ethical and productive citizens.


Looking to the Future: Langley High School prepares all students for academic and career success beyond high school. All graduates are lifetime learners, actively engaged in the ever-changing and connected world.

Commitment to Opportunity:

Langley High School is a diverse learning environment that provides opportunities to students and employees for personal, professional, and educational growth.

Community support:

Langley High School is a source of pride in the local community. Parents and business contribute to Langley High School by generously volunteering their time and expertise. In return, our students become integrated into the fabric of the community by devoting their skills outside of school.


Langley High School students achieve at high levels across a broad spectrum of pursuits. Our students thrive in a balanced educational environment that goes beyond core subjects to include the arts, technology, and vocational training.


Langley High School is accountable for the academic achievement of all students, regardless of culture, language, disability, or economic status.

Core Values/Beliefs 

Life Long Learning

  • We believe every student has the ability to meet the high expectations set out by teachers and community.
  • We believe in teaching students the value of continuous learning for the sake of learning.
  • We believe every individual can achieve happiness through learning.

Positive Relationships

  • We believe in fostering a positive and inclusive culture through academic achievement and extracurricular activity.
  • We believe the best academic learning environment is achieved when morale is high.
  • We believe treating students fairly and respectfully builds positive relationships.
  • We believe positive relationships can only be achieved through mutual respect between parents, teachers, students, administrators, and the larger community.


  • We believe students should have balanced lives that includes the highest possible academic achievement, extracurricular activity, social skills development, and time with family.
  • We believe students should not sacrifice current happiness for future happiness.
  • We believe academic skills should be balanced with ethical and moral development.