Transforming teaching and learning to prepare students for the future

FCPSOn is a transformation of learning for students and educators. At its core, it provides students with equitable access to meaningful learning experiences and technology to support their learning.

In FCPSOn schools, each student receives an FCPS-issued laptop to access dynamic resources and participate in learning tailored to the student’s individual needs. Students will have access to the device at school, and in some schools and grade levels, they will also be able to take their device home.

FCPSOn's transformation of learning leads to Portrait of a Graduate outcomes for ALL students. Portrait of a Graduate skills include collaborating with peers, problem-solving, and creating original work. Also, today's students are tomorrow's workforce. FCPSOn provides them with real-world technology skills that will be essential as adults.

FCPSOn supports teachers in doing what they do best.  Devices will not replace teachers. Teachers are supported through ongoing, dynamic professional learning for teachers that will result in purposeful, collaborative student learning experiences.

An annual technology support fee of $50 will be charged to high school students. The technology support fee will help ensure students have access to the technology they need by defraying the cost to repair and replace equipment. The technology support fee is included in the FCPS FY 2020 Approved Budget. Get more information about the fee.



Students, please remember to shut down and reboot your laptop once a week while you are at school.  This helps your laptop run more efficiently and installs required updates.