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Registration Process For AP Exams For Which Students are not enrolled in the course. 

Important Notes:

  • A failure to complete any step of the registration process stated below will result in an incomplete registration and not be considered. 
  • AP testing for the 2022-2023 school year will be in person testing for all formats.
  • More information about the 2023 AP exams, reference Frequently Asked Questions regarding AP Testing on the FCPS 2023 AP/IB Testing webpage.
  • Testing Fees questions can be found here:

DEADLINE:  All non-enrolled exam registrations are due November 1st 

Please review the appropriate situation and complete each of the steps listed below to complete the registration process (if any of the steps are not complete, registration will not occur):

AP Exams Week 1


AP Exam 2


AP Exam Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Testing Accommodations

Please visit for questions regarding Testing Accommodations.