Langley Honor Code

Langley Honor Code

The Honor Code is Langley’s statement on academic integrity written by students in 2016. It articulates Langley’s expectations of students and faculty in establishing and maintaining the highest standards in academic work.

At Langley, we are committed to maximize learning in an environment wherein all act with honesty, integrity, and honor.  We believe it is the responsibility of each individual to contribute and work in this environment of trust.

(Infractions of a "non-academic nature" will fall under the guidelines of the Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook)

Honor Pledge

I am committed to upholding honor at Langley.

Statement of Saxon Pride

I am entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining and contributing to an environment of mutual respect, honesty, and fairness. Even in the face of pressures, my personal integrity remains crucial to the preservation of these ideas and my future success. 

Without honor, I have nothing.




Willful giving or receiving of an unauthorized, unfair, dishonest, or unscrupulous advantage in school work over other students.


  • Working on assignments together without teacher approval
  • Discussing assessment information without teacher approval
  • Using technology on assignments and assessments without authorization



Presenting as one's own, the works or the opinions of someone else without proper acknowledgment; Borrowing of the sequence of ideas, the arrangement of materials, or the pattern of thought of someone else without proper acknowledgment.


  • Submitting work that is not your own without proper acknowledgment
  • Failing to attempt to cite sources



Willful and knowledgeable telling of an untruth or falsehood as well as any form of deceit, attempted deception, or fraud in an oral or written statement.


  • Lying or failing to give complete information to a teacher
  • Feigning illness to gain extra preparation time for assignments and assessments


First/All Offenses:

  • A 50% grade on that assessment or assignment
  • After-school remediation
  • One-year Honor Society Probation

Second Offense:

  • Counselor and Administrator notified
  • Community service hours assigned
  • Removal from any student government office

Third Offense:

  • Counselor and Administrator notified
  • Community service hours assigned



  • Promote a fair and honest learning environment
  • Avoid situations which might contribute to cheating, plagiarizing, lying, and stealing. Comply with disciplinary and remediation action following any Honor Code violation


  • Have knowledge of the Langley High School Honor Code and its consequences
  • Provide a positive example for adhering to the Honor Code
  • Support faculty and administration in enforcing the Honor Code


  • Structure testing conditions to alleviate possibility of cheating
  • Specify appropriate types of collaboration and documentation
  • Review Honor Code often
  • Follow procedures to report and remediate suspected Honor Code infractions


  • Create school-wide environment encouraging knowledge of and adherence to Honor Code
  • Receive and maintain necessary violation documentation
  • Enforce appropriate disciplinary actions


  • Receive necessary violation documentation
  • Facilitate Honor Code violation conferences when follow-up counseling is deemed appropriate
  • Promote understanding of Honor Code and its importance to students

Honor Society:

  • Promote and uphold the values of the Honor Code within the society
  • Communicate periodically with the Honor Council to ensure that all members are in honorable standing