Summer School

Summer School options are in place as a pathway to complete a course that is needed for graduation.  Some students need to take a failed course over (Credit Recovery), while others are seeking a new class to complete for graduation.  If a student is taking a class for the second time, the summer class will not replace the former class or grade.  Upon completion of the summer course, both classes will appear on the transcript and will average into the cumulative GPA of the student.

Summer School opportunities

  1. Credit Recovery (Must have failed the class. Summer school is free and in-person at an FCPS HS, locations vary).
  2. New Summer School Class (taken online through FCPS or approved private school and costs. Approx: $350 to $800.)
    • No weight added in summer classes (A student cannot take Honors or AP summer courses, with the exception of Honors Geometry).
    • Summer school does not replace classes already taken.

We encourage ALL students who are interested in summer school to pursue an FCPS option.  If your class and plan do not align with FCPS options, please contact your School Counselor.

A student can only take one summer course besides the Self-Directed Economics and Personal Finance exception below. If you choose a private school option, the school chosen must be on the website, and the class must be completed by the first day of school.  You also must obtain school approval before you enroll in a private school summer class.

Self-Directed Economics and Personal Finance can be taken in addition to the one other FCPS academic summer school course.

Summer School Resources

Information for Summer School and summer opportunities

Private Summer School options approved by FCPS