Student Services

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Our Vision

  • Students at Langley High School are unique learners and will be provided with an education that addresses their individual needs from an academic, social and emotional perspective. School counselors will participate with all stakeholders in crafting a program that addresses academic counseling and advising, post-secondary/college/career advising and personal/social counseling to assist students in flourishing throughout the course of their high school career and beyond. Students will be empowered to become productive and contributing members of society.

Our Mission

  • The school counseling team at Langley High School will work with students, teachers, and the community to establish a place of learning that values personal growth through data-driven programming. Counselors will work to inform and educate the student population in academic, social, professional and emotional arenas. Counselors will provide individual and group services in the classroom and individually that will steward a student through graduation, creating a plan for their post-secondary career. They will work with school teams to improve the overall emotional health of students. Counselors will work with their student populations to understand their unique needs and bridge obstacles through tiered learning approaches that target individual resiliency and global citizenry. Counselors will work with the Langley community to establish a school climate that enhances communication and strives to connect students and create social bonds and a lifelong passion for learning.

Student Services Staff


  • All stakeholders - teachers, parents, administrators, counselors, coaches and mentors alike are integral to the development of students to reach their full potential.
  • Effective programming incorporating proven interventions and current school data is central to the development of a comprehensive school counseling model.
  • Every student thrives in a community that fosters respect, openness, and a passion for learning.
  • All students deserve equitable access to educational services.
  • An effective institutional, academic and school counseling approach revolves around creating resilient, lifelong and global learners.