Online Campus

FCPS Online Campus delivers courses identical in content to those offered in our traditional classrooms and uses multimedia to engage students. These courses are aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) and Advanced Placement (AP) standards and follow the Fairfax County Public Schools Program of Studies (POS).

General Information

Online courses are facilitated through the FCPS Online Campus and can be taken as part of a student’s curriculum. A maximum of 2 online courses can be taken during any given year. Online course periods are generally asynchronous/self-paced day to day with the exception of assessments and a required once-weekly evening meeting with the online instructor (this required time is not subject to change due to a student’s changing availability with regard to sports or other evening commitments). Students access their online classes/materials through Schoology. Online Courses generally must be signed up by early September of any given school year. Often, because of the flexibility in timing, online courses can be used as a utility for time commitments necessary outside of school.

  • E.G. Student A is an Olympic Figure Skater in training and their practice timing can only take place in the 1st block of the morning school schedule. Student A could take an online class that could be placed in that period and could access the class later on in the day.

Schedule Planning

Online courses need to be placed within the student’s 7-period day, and students must plan to be off campus during that period, so taking an online class often requires that a student have their own transportation to and from school (preference for parking passes is not given by way of taking an online class). Best efforts are made to place the period where it works best for the student but this can’t be guaranteed and must accommodate the other Langley-based course selections.

  • E.G. Student is taking Online AP Literature, the class is scheduled as their 1st period, so the student would start their odd days at school with 3rd period. 


Online Campus Registration Form must be submitted and turned in to your school counselor prior to online campus deadlines. Please speak with your school counselor during registration if you would like to sign up.

Taking an Online Course as an 8th course

Some students opt to take an online course outside of their standard school day as an 8th course. This can be arranged, however, FCPS Online Campus will charge a fee for the course since it falls outside of the standard 7-course offering at school. 

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