Schedule Changes

Selecting courses in high school is an important process that requires serious planning and decision-making for both students and parents.  Although the process starts in early January, students are given ample time during the spring to choose their courses for the next school year.  The school’s Master Schedule is built upon these choices.  Financial and space constraints do not always allow flexibility to grant requests to change courses. Requests for course changes will be put on a waitlist, are subject to administrative approval, and cannot be guaranteed.  Changes in course requests are not accepted after June 1st. No changes will be allowed unless they are deemed necessary by the school. COUNSELORS WILL NOT MAKE TEACHER CHANGES OR CONSIDER BLOCK REQUESTS.

Below are the only approved reasons for a schedule change:  

  • Student has been scheduled into a course previously passed 
  • Student has been scheduled into a course out of sequence (i.e., Spanish 3 before Spanish 1) 
  • Student did not pass a class that was a prerequisite for another 
  • Student has an incomplete schedule 
  • Senior is missing a requirement for graduation 

Below are NOT approved reasons:

  • Elective changes 
  • Teacher requests
  • Block changes
  • Time preference 
  • Lunch Requests
  • Friend Requests

For questions or more information, please contact your school counselor.

Langley High School Schedule Change Policy/ Procedures:

Schedule Change Policy

Click here for a PDF of Langley High School Schedule Change Policy/Procedure