Student Government

Langley High School student leadership team

Student Government Association 

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the leadership team elected by Langley High School students. It functions under the direction and supervision of the faculty sponsor and administrative team. Its responsibilities include coordination of student club activities by the Interclub Council, and coordination of major school-wide activities such as homecoming and school elections. The SGA functions as a vital communication link between the student body and administrative team. By sharing student ideas and concerns, the SGA participates in cooperative efforts to improve the quality of life at Langley. In addition to providing students valuable information about school events through the Langley Leader and the electronic signboard in the cafeteria, the SGA highlights significant student accomplishments on the cafeteria bulletin board.

The following students were elected by their peers to represent the student body as members of the Student Government Association (SGA).

SGA & SAC Teacher Sponsors: Kiersten Conrad & Sandy Hamilton 

2022-2023 SGA/SAC/Class Office Executive Boards

SGA Executive Board:

Charlotte Carbaugh

Eva Cardenas

Sylvia Cheng

Connor Oakes

Zain Rahman

Jacq Vargas

SAC Executive Board:

Talia-Rose Diorio

Jayden Lee

Cristina Pak

Madeleine Spaner

Alternate: Kalyna Vickers

Class of 2023 Executive Board:

Abe Al-Dalli

Ethan Bhatia

Aidan Connolly

Kevin Farnsworth

Ashton Johns

Jackson Manderfield

Class of 2024 Executive Board:

Ingrid Coleman

Isaac Ko

Eliza Tourbaf

Maya Velgot

Peyton Walcott

    Tianna Wang 

Class of 2025 Executive Board

Arman Fard 

Claire Habib

Katie Merritt

Ansley Moore

Maanav Shah

Jenny Wang

Hannah Weingast