Clubs and Organizations

A list of clubs and extra curricular activities

3D Modeling & Printing

Learn about 3D modeling and printing.

Maria Beldon

Accounting Club

Discuss various accounting career oppotunities.

John Santosuosso

Active Minds

To promote awareness of mental health and positivity on school campus.

Donna Barnsley


Learn algorithms and beneficial techniques that will help decrease the amount of time needed to solve twisty puzzles.

Pam Douglas

American Sign Language (ASL)

Teaching the language of American Sign Language.

Jennifer Stocks

Amnesty International

Stop and raise awareness about the violation of human rights around the world.

Jay O'Rourke

Art Club

Bill Farnsworth

Aspiring Engineers' Club

Conduct group research projects, educational engineering video viewing, and group engineering build projects.

John Santosuosso

Auto Club

Share opinions about cars and talk about the latest automotive news.

Jeff Vande Sande

Best Buddies

Creates one to one friendships and opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities.

Stan Sauk

Biology Olympiad Club

To provide students an opportunity to further their interest in biology.

Christina Kizelewicz

Book Club

Increase interest in reading.

Gifford Krivak

Brainy Camps of LHS

Supplying materials & equipment for kids with chronic conditions.

Gifford Krivak


Provide students with an opportunity to further their interest in Chemistry.

Leah Puhlick


Play chess with people of all grades levels and abilities.

Jeff Vande Sande

Chinese Cultural Awareness (Chinese Student Assn.)

To spread awareness of Chinese culture.

Andrew Scronce

Club Ice

Use applications to create beats and possibly compose rap.

Austin Whitehorne

Computer Science

Provide experience and learning for students interested in computer science.

Susan Huebcsh

Crafts Making Club

Teaches students how to make simple crafts by hand.

Cassie Thompson

Crossword Society

Make, solve and compete in crossword related activities.

David Kuhn


To promote the sport of rowing.

John Henry


Learn about cyber security.

Maria Beldon

Debate (VHSL)

Gifford Krivak


Tricia Poythress

Digital Art Club

To foster interest and development of digital art mediums.

Mary Baker

Do Something

Make members aware of social issues and do an activity that helps the cause.

Jennifer McAdams


Gina Song (Eco Club)

Environmental Science Club

Work to design, plant, maintain and furnish the courtyards.

Megan Jameyson


Environthon is a science based club that teachers students information about the environment

Breen Berger

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Committed to helping athletes and coaches encourage one another and grow in the Christian faith.

Christine McCommas

Forensics (VHSL)

Gifford Krivak


Interests in French language and culture.

Jenica Hardy

Gay/Straight Alliance

Ken Price

Girl Up (Global Initiative)

Strive to help girls who are treated poorly, deprived of an education, and do not have proper resources.

Elisa Steele

Girls Who Code

Learn different forms of coding and computer programming.

Michael Horgan


Practice and discuss guitar techniques.

Nick Swanson

Health Occupations Students of America

Where students can learn about health professions and medical subjects.

Tonda Johns

Heart for Hospitals

To discuss ways to help children who are currently in hospitals.

Christina Mitro

Hollywood History

Discuss movies regarding historical subjects and historical people.

Melinda Conner

Hype Squad

Work with leadership to further promote spirit days and school spirit.

Jay O'Rourke

International Dance Club

Learn dances from diverse cultures.

Pamela Douglas

Iron Out Cancer

Supply colorful pillowcases to children with cancer and other serious diseases.

Betsy Jones

It's Academic/Scholastic Bowl

High school quiz bowl that meets to play/practice/socialize

Jay O'Rourke

Elisa Steele

Junior Civitan

A service club.

Pamela Douglas

Junior Optimist

Offers community services opportunities to help spread optimism.

Margaret Wingo


A service club.

Sponsor to be announced.


To provide a forum for all interested Latin students.

Joan Tannenbaum


Create a start-up while developing real-world skills relating to business.

Jay O'Rourke 

Literary Discussion

Socratic seminars discussing various literary works.

Kathleen Ortiz

Literary Magazine:  Kaleidoscope

Literary magazine, featuring student art and creative writing.

Christina Mitro


Study and learn how to draw manga (Japanese comics) style.

Christina Banker

Math Teams

Ilana Hand (Junior Math Team)

Media Review Club

Aims to harbor appreciation, create exposure, and critique any and all art forms, including music, film, fine arts, and more.

William Farnsworth


Provides opportunities for students to explore interests in a medical career.

Betsy Jones

Mentor for Latino Children (MLC)

Shares experiences about volunteer opportunities for Latino children.

Andrew Scronce

Military Club

Watching FCPS approved Military films, hearing from current servicemen and women about their lives.

Mark Witzel

Model Organization of American States

To promote democratic values among the youth through a simulation exercise of the OAS.

Gladys Nieves

Model United Nations

Jennifer Stocks

Music Critic Club

Discuss the myriad of music genres and analyze the history behind the icons.

Kenneth Price

Muslim Student Association

Discuss Islam, recent events, and other topics/issues.

Jeff Mye

Ocean Conservation Club

Promote ocean and marine conservation, bring awareness of the detrimental effects of human activity ocean & help aid in the effort to conserve the oceans.

Breen Berger

Our Founding Artists

Integrates art history with creating artwork.

William Farnsworth

PAWS (People Animal WelfareSociety Club)

Spread awareness about animal abuse and how the environment is impacting wildlife today.

Nick Swanson

Persuasive Individual Growth

To give solo persuasive presentations in front of audiences.

Kathleen Ortiz

Philosophy Club

Discuss and debate philosophical topics and apply age-old concepts to modern issues.

Allison Cohen


Mike Horgan


Provide students with an opportunity to further their interest in Physics.  

Bob Foley

Relay for Life

Supports cancer survivors and helps raise awareness for cancer patients and treatment.

Hannah Wolff


Bob Foley

Science Bowl  

Quizbowl team that focuses on science and math.

Leah Puhlick

Science Olympiad

Students work in pairs to prepare for events that cover all areas of science and engineering.         

Leah Puhlick

Self Defense  

Interest and knowledge of selfdefense and teaches its applicability in life. 

Bob Foley

Service Learning            

Discuss, brainstorm and generate new ideas for service learning opportunities.

Betsy Shomaker

Service Performance Club         

Group of musicians and actors who will meet to discuss opportunities to perform and volunteer at places in their community.

Doug Martin

Slam Poetry Association            

Share poems, writing with each other and sharing videos of talented poets.

Sandy Hamilton

Smash Bros Club         

Play super smash brothers after school.

Austin Whitehorne

South Asian Student Association            

Promote awareness of the South Asian culture.

Jennifer Stocks


Interests in Spanish language and culture.

Rachel Iacoletti

Student Advisory Council          

Sandy Hamilton

Kiersten Conrad

Student Government Association         

A student organization dedicated to social and organizational activities of the student body.

Sandy Hamilton

Kiersten Conrad


Access to resources that sets the stage for a successful future career.

Derek Fertig


Entrepeneurship and Technology.

Florin Cuc

Things That Matter

Service projects that will benefit others.

Jamie Parrott


Gladys Nieves

Violence Awareness Student Association    

To discuss the issues of domestic violence, human trafficking, and gang-related activities in society.

Ahmad Zadeh

Young Democrats         

Mary Baker

Young Economists   

Investigate economics beyond the classroom setting, and participate in economic challenges.

Ahmad Zadeh

Young Life        

Help students engage and explore spiritual issues relevant to their daily lives.

Alex Mantel

Young Republicans       

Help students engage and explore spiritual issues relevant to their daily lives.

Christine McCommas

Wise (Formerly Girls Stem)

Widening Interest in Science and Engineering.

Susan Heubsch

Jen Lincicome

Women's Empowerment Club

Learn about women’s equality.

Josh Henry

Writing Club

Discuss creative writing.

Susan Broad

Honor Societies:



Ronnie Chern

Fashion Marketing

Tricia Poythress


Jenica Hardy


Heather Mason


Andrew Scronce


Christina Banker

Cory DiBacco


Joan Tannenbaum


Sandy Hamilton

Kiersten Conrad


Pam Douglas


Scott McCormick

National Honor Society

Melinda Conner

Kat Stankiewicz

National Business

Everett Rice

Quill and Scroll

Christina Mitro


Val Cukierman


Claire Lindner


Jennifer Stocks

Lea Holmes

Thespians & International Thespians

Valerie Karasek

Service Learning Opportunities