New Family Information Guide

Administration Information; Websites and Important Links

Welcome to Langley High School

We are thrilled that you have chosen to be a part of our school community. The following packet has been prepared to help new students and their parents as they transition to Langley High School. We want every student to have a positive high school experience.

Langley High School Administrators

Kimberly Greer, Principal, @email, (703)287-2704


Jim Robertson, Asst. Principal, Last Name A- FE

@email , (703)287-2706

Dep. Supervision: CTE, English Special Projects


Wayne Biernesser, Asst. Principal, Last Name FIA-LEF

[email protected]   (703)287-2957

Dept. Supervision:  Special Education, Humanities


Rich Deivert, Asst. Principal, Last Name LEG-ROD

@email  ,(703)287-2707

Dept. Supervision:  Science, ESOL, Library


James Sykes, Asst. Principal, Last Name ROJ-Z

@email, (703)287-2705

Dept. Supervision: ESOL, Science, Math


Braden Peterson, Dir. of Student Services

@email, (703)287-2722

Dept Supervision: Student Services, SOSA, Registrar, Assessment Coach


Geoff Noto, Dir. Student Activities

@email, (703)287-2750

Dept Supervision: Health & PE



Langley High School:

Langley PTSA:

PTSA e-mail:  http://[email protected]

Langley PTSA New Family [email protected] 

Langley Calendar:

Bell Schedule/Green-Gold Calendar:    

Langley Sports: 

Langley Athletic Boosters:

Langley Academic Boosters: 

Langley Drama: 

Langley Orchestra:   

Langley Band:

Langley Chorus:

Online Student Newspaper, Saxon Scope:

The School Day

The School Day

How early does the school open? When does it close? Langley opens at 7:40 a.m. Monday through Friday. Classes begin at 8:10 a.m. and dismiss at 2:55 p.m. Students are expected to attend every class or activity for which they are scheduled each school day.

At the beginning of each school day, students recite the Pledge of Allegiance and observe one minute of silence. Non- participating students may sit or stand quietly during the pledge and the moment of silence. For class times, please see the bell schedule listed in the Appendix.

What is Langley Links?  Langley Links is an intervention period intended to provide students with time to receive extra help, take make-up tests, or catch up on homework and reading. Additionally, there are lessons related to topics regarding areas pertinent to high school & post-secondary transition.  Langley Links is held from 9:47 – 11:17 a.m. on Even (Gold) days.  Students may be assigned by teachers, counselors, or administrators to specific locations based on their academic needs.  Attendance will be required.

What are Green and Gold days? Langley operates on a daily rotating block schedule.  This schedule is usually referred to as the Green-Gold schedule.  Green and Gold identify the class periods that meet on a particular day.  Odd numbered class periods (1, 3, 5, and 7) meet on Green days and even numbered class periods (2, 4, 6 and 8) meet on Gold days.  The Green-Gold schedule is set at the beginning of the school year and does not change.  For example, if schools are closed due to weather on a Green day, and re-opened the next day, which is a Gold day, then the students report to the Gold day classes. Adjustments may be made if one day is missed more than the other.

What school supplies will I need on the first day?  On the first day of school, students will need their school issued laptop, paper and pen.  Each teacher will explain what supplies are necessary for the class.  Usual supplies include, binders, college rule paper, spiral notebooks, graphing calculator, black and blue pens, pencils, and a sturdy backpack.  Please see the Class Information section below for specifics regarding equipment for physical education classes.

How will I find my classrooms the first few days?   All classrooms in the building numbered in the 1000’s (1007, 1304, etc.) are downstairs; classrooms numbered in the 2000’s (2002, 2206, etc.) are upstairs. Most hallways are arranged by academic department. Orientation for freshman and other students new to Langley is held the week prior to the start of school. It is strongly encouraged that all students attend the orientation and use the opportunity to walk through their class schedule replicating both Green and Gold days. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Langley students, faculty and administrators are ready to help.

When are students given locker assignments? Locker assignments are given upon request.   Report any problems with lockers to the Safety and Security Office, 703-287-2708, or ask for help in the Main Office. Most students do not use the lockers.  If a student wants a locker, they will need to bring their own lock and stop by the Activities Office for a locker assignment.

Does Langley issue my student a laptop?  Yes.  Students are issued a FCPS chromebook for use during the school day and homework assignments.  Please see details in the appendix.

Are jackets, backpacks, or chewing gum permitted during the school day? Yes, but teachers have the right to limit any activity in their classrooms at any time.

What is the lunch schedule?  There are four different lunchtimes (Lunches A-D).  Your student will be assigned to one or two different lunch times depending on their academic schedule.  Students may eat in the cafeteria or other specified area. Students can bring their lunch or purchase a hot lunch from the cafeteria.  Lunch money can be added to your student’s account either through MySchoolBucks or personal check.  

Is there a dress code for students? Yes, there is a Fairfax County school dress code. All students are expected to dress appropriately.  Clothing that interferes with or disrupts the educational environment is unacceptable.  Clothing with language or images that are vulgar, discriminatory, or obscene, or clothing that promotes illegal or violent conduct, such as gang symbols, the unlawful use of weapons drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or drug paraphernalia, or clothing that contains threats is prohibited.  Clothing should fit, be neat and clean, and conform to standards of safety, good taste, and decency.  Clothing that exposes cleavage, private parts, the midriff, or under-garments, or that is otherwise sexually provocative, is prohibited. Examples of prohibited clothing include but are not limited to, sagging or low-cut pants, low-cut necklines that show cleavage, tube tops, halter tops, backless blouses or blouses with ties only in the back, clothing constructed of see-through materials, and head coverings unless required for religious or medical purposes.  No hats; hats may not be worn or carried.

Can you use your cell phone during the school day?  Langley High School has a policy on student owned computing devices (such as smartphones, laptops, netbooks, tablets, and e-readers). LHS will allow students to use such devices in the cafeteria and during passing time; students may use devices in the classroom only with teacher permission. The devices are never permitted in any testing situation, including SOL and AP testing. Students are responsible for any device they choose to bring to school and must register the devices with the school.

Do I need a hall pass? Yes, any student outside a classroom during a class period must have a hall pass obtained from their teacher.

What if I need medication during the day? According to FCPS, generally, students are not allowed to possess prescription or non-prescription medicine at any time at school. They may deliver over-the-counter (OTC) medication to the school health room; use at school is permitted only in the school health room.  Students may carry self-administered medication, such as insulin, inhalers, and epi-pens if the appropriate Medical Authorization forms have been completed and submitted to the school health room. In all other cases, if medication is required during school hours, an FCPS Medical Authorization form must be completed by the family and physician, and the prescription medication must be labeled and dated by the pharmacy (the pharmacy label directions must match the Medical Authorization form).  If emergency medication needs to be available during school hours, or you have other special health or medical, please contact the school health room directly at (703)287-2710.

Academic Class Information And Guidance

Academic Class Information and Guidance

What is SIS and why is it important?  SIS (Student Information Services) provides information about each of your students enrolled in Fairfax County schools. His or her attendance, class performance and interims is available on SIS, as well as the school calendar and other pertinent information. For more information on SIS visit or view the tutorial at

What is Schoology?  Schoology is homework website maintained by Fairfax County Public School.  All Langley students receive a Schoology account that lists their classes and homework assignments and other important school information.  Teachers regularly update their pages. Students are strongly encouraged to use Schoology daily. Parents may wish to have their own Schoology accounts and may register through the school for such an account.  A parent account will allow access to the teacher homework pages only.  The address for the FCPS Schoology site is  For parents wishing to register for an account, visit the school website at and click on the Resources tab, link.

As a freshman, will there be students of all grade levels in my classes? It is possible to share classes with students from every grade level. This is especially true in math and foreign language classes, and many electives.

Is extra academic help available from teachers or other Langley students? Yes, many teachers will be available in the morning before school, and some after school to help students. Don’t hesitate to ask your classroom teacher for help. The National and World Language Honor Society members also tutor students. Most Honor Societies have tutoring programs available to students during the school day. For a list of academic support resources, visit the LHS website at,

All students take physical education as freshmen and sophomores. What do students wear during gym? Are students required to shower after class? Students purchase LHS gym shirts and shorts for PE; students should also buy a lock for their gym locker. Gym uniform will be available at the beginning of the school year and will be available during the Freshmen Orientation in August. Be sure to bring sweat pants and a sweatshirt to wear outside on colder days. Showers after gym class are not mandatory.

What, if any, schoolwork needs to be completed over the summer?  Currently there are no summer assignments that will need to be completed over the summer.

What is open enrollment? Open Enrollment is when a student does not need to be recommended to take a class. All students have the option to sign up for honors and/or AP classes as long as they have met the pre-requisite requirements. The most recent course catalogue is available online at on the Student Services tab.

How can I get more information on classes available at LHS?  A complete course catalogue is available under the Students Services tab> Academic Advising on of the Langley High School website. The Department of Student Services hosts a Curriculum Night in January each school year to assist with planning and registration for the following year.  This program has both a parent and a student component. 

How do I decide if I should take a standard, honors, or Advanced Placement class(es)? Students are urged to take courses that are the best fit for them.  The first question to ask yourself when deciding about taking courses is what else what am I doing in life outside of academics. Clubs, sports, performing arts, job, work ethic, and academic interest should all be weighed when choosing the right fit and right class level.  Students need to create a solid balance of extracurricular activities and academic course load. Typically, students who are successful in honors and/or AP courses are those students with a strong work ethic. Honors and AP courses focus on independence, analytical and writing skills. (Please see the student services academic advising tab on the LHS website)

Where do I go for help with college/career questions? In addition to the school counselors who are very knowledgeable about college and career choices, students can visit the College/Career Center, located across from the main office and is run by our College and Career Center Specialist, Karen Burke.  The goal of the Career Center is to help students make informed career decisions about their post-secondary plans, which may include four-year colleges, two-year colleges, technical schools, apprenticeships, military, full-time employment, or gap year opportunities. College admission representatives regularly visit LHS; appointments to meet with them can be made through the College/Career Center. Students can find a wide variety of resources on colleges, careers, scholarships, financial aid, internships and community service opportunities, as well as and SAT, ACT, and TOEFL registration.

What can I be doing now to help get ready for college the process? Create a file at the beginning of freshmen year for all the important academic documents including report cards, transcripts, college entrance test scores (ACT EXPLORE, PSAT, ACT PLAN, ACT, SAT and AP) awards, certificates, club and society membership information, and community service participation.  All these documents will become critical reference information as you complete college applications and design resumes.

When do I need to start taking college entrance exams? The PSAT prepares sophomore students to be ready for the SAT junior year.  Langley administers the PSAT in October to all sophomores.  As a sophomore, this is a good opportunity for your student to gain the experience of taking a formal standardized. The spring of junior year then becomes the ideal time for most students to take their first official college entrance exam.

How are school counselors assigned? School counselors are assigned alphabetically by students’ last names. Unless there are unexpected personnel changes, you should have the same counselor throughout your four years of high school.

How do I arrange to see my school counselor?

Appointments are made through individual counselors.  You will receive a pass that must be initialed by your teacher before leaving for the appointment. After seeing your counselor, you must go by the attendance office window to have your pass recorded and stamped so that your class absence will be excused.

What are class Parents?  How do I sign up to participate as a class parent?  Class parents are a group of 4-5 parents who support and assist with class (defined by graduation year) events.  Class parents work collaboratively with student officers who are elected each year and provided guidance and leadership training by teachers designated as the class sponsors.  Class parents usually commit to support the class for the full four years at LHS.  If you are interested in serving as a class parent, please contact the PTSA president.  Class parents host quarterly informational forums for parents of their class.  These forums are an excellent way to learn about current issues and upcoming events for the class.

Visit the PTSA website at for list of PTSA Board Members and Class Parents. 

School Spirit and Student Life

School Spirit and Student Life

Who is Otto? Otto is the Langley Saxon school spirit mascot.

What are the school colors? Langley’s school colors are forest green and old gold with white as a trim color.

Where can I get Langley spirit wear?  Langley Wear is available from several different groups.  All Langley merchandise can be viewed at the Langley Marketplace which is found on the Langley Athletic Booster website, and will also be available at the freshman orientation in August.

How does Langley celebrate Homecoming?

Homecoming festivities take place during spirit week and include a football game on Friday night and a dance on Saturday night. The SGA officers coordinate Spirit week plans. During spirit week, each day has a different themed activity announced in advance. The week culminates with spirit day when all students wear a class t-shirt. All students are encouraged to participate in Homecoming activities. Adults supervise all activities.

The Homecoming Dance is intended for all Langley students. You do not have to have a date. Limousines, expensive dinners and formal dress are not necessary. This is not a fall prom. Appropriate dress is a coat and tie for guys and party dresses for girls. Some students plan pre-dance dinners as a group at a restaurant or at a student’s home. Tickets to the Homecoming Dance are sold during spirit week lunch periods.

What do the initials SGA, SCA, SAC and PTSA stand for? SGA stands for Student Government Association (student officers representing the school as a whole), SCA stands for Student Council Association (student officers representing their classes), SAC is Student Advisory Council (student representatives for the school division), and PTSA is the Parent Teacher Student Association.

When are school elections held and who is eligible to run for office? Any Langley student in good academic standing who has completed the required recommendation forms may run for office. Elections are held in September for freshmen and late spring for upperclassmen. Details of all school elections are announced on the Langley morning announcements.

What clubs are available and how do I join? Club Day is held each fall during Langley Links so that students new to Langley can ask club members questions and sign up for activities that interest them. A complete list of the school clubs and organizations from the previous school year can be found in the Appendix and on the LHS website under the Student Life/Activities tab and the Langley Sports Website under the “Club Tab”.

Does Langley have honor societies?  Juniors and seniors can be selected for different honor societies including but not limited to, National Honor Society, Math, History, Spanish, Russian, Science, and Theater.  Applications for the Honor Societies are due in the Fall of each year (some are due the Spring before the upcoming year).  Information on the various honor societies, is available on the Langley website under the Activities tab.

What is the policy on hazing? Hazing in any form is forbidden at Langley. Any violation of this rule should be reported immediately to a coach, teacher or administrator.

Is community service required for graduation?  Service learning in not required by FCPS but is strongly encouraged at Langley High School.  Students who earn 40 hours over their 4 years, are eligible for a service cord upon graduation which is worn during the ceremony.  Service learning opportunities are offered once a month during Langley Links.

Student Athletics

Student Athletics

Which sports and activities begin in August?  All fall sports, including football, field hockey, cross country, golf, cheerleading, dance team, volleyball and marching band begin in August. For specific start dates, visit

  • What are the requirements for participation?   Some requirements are:
  • Student athletes must attend all scheduled classes in order to participate in any athletic contest, practice, or activity.
  • Students must be enrolled in at least 5 classes.
  • Students must have passed 5 classes in the previous semester. 
  • Students must have a completed VHSL physical form (revised 1/21) on file in the Activities Office
  • The physical must be completed after May 1st of the school year the athlete wants to participate. (Example: for the school year 2023-2024 the physical must be after May 1, 2023).
  • Only one VHSL form is required for the school year (no need to resubmit form for each season)
  • Athletes must register online at
  • Additional eligibility requirements are listed on the VHSL physical form which can be found at .  

What about winter and spring sports?

Winter sports tryouts: first week of November

Spring sports tryouts: third week of February

Each coach sets the team’s practice schedule depending on the facilities available, games schedule, and the needs of the team. Generally, teams practice two or three hours daily, Monday through Friday, and some teams practice and have competition on Saturday.

Teams may also have practice on holidays, and other days when school is not in session.

Off Season

Off season, teams may hold green and yellow days.  These are days that are open to all athletes.  Green days are days that the coaches are permitted to instruct student athletes.  Yellow Days are days the coaches are permitted to conduct weight training or conditioning sessions.   These days are not connected to the tryout process for team selection. 

Green and Yellow Days are advertised on the school announcements, twitter and  

Where is the weight room and when is it open to students? The weight room is located on the 1st floor across from the girls’ locker room near the main gym. Teams reserve weight room hours both in season and out of season.  Athletes must be supervised by a coach in the weight room. 

How much does it cost to attend athletic events? Will event schedules be distributed? All regular season events are $5 per ticket.  Some events offer e-tickets and some are pay at the door.  Tickets for post season games such as district games are $10 and regional playoffs are $10. State championship games are $10. All adults and students need to purchase tickets to attend athletic events. The Langley Athletic Boosters offer several levels of membership which include season passes. By purchasing a membership, you receive a pass for every family member to all regular- season home games, in addition to other membership benefits. Schedules of all athletic events are included in the PTSA newsletter preceding fall, winter and spring sports seasons. For Booster information and sports schedules visit the activities website at



Does Langley have late buses? Yes, late buses are provided on Wednesday between 4:45 p.m. – 5:15 p.m. Bus passes are required. Questions about late buses should be directed to the Safety and Security office.

Can a student ride a different bus home with another student? Yes, but each student needs a note from his/her parent attached to a bus permission slip from Main Office.

Who may park in the student parking lot? All seniors for the 2023-2024 school year who have purchased a parking permit are eligible to park in the lot. The cost of a parking permit is $200.  All applicants must meet the deadlines for submitting the appropriate forms; have acceptable academic performance and attendance records; no disciplinary infractions and no outstanding obligations.  Parking on school grounds is a privilege.  Parking passes and campus-driving privileges may be revoked at the discretion of the administration. Under special circumstances, students who require temporary parking passes should contact the Safety and Security office at 703-287-2708.

Media Resources and Technology

Media Resources and Technology

When can I go to the library? How can I get a library card? Are there fines for overdue books? The library is open from 7:40 to 3:45, Monday through Friday.   A pass from a teacher is required to enter the library during class time. Students do not need a library card to check out library materials; they may approach either librarian to check out books and need only provide their name. A student photocopy machine for small jobs is located in the library. Students may also print in the library from their FCPS-issued laptops if needed to access learning. For more information, the library maintains a site on Schoology which appears in every student’s list of courses. All students can access online subscription databases from home or from school, check the library catalog, and consult handouts that help with research and citations through the library's Schoology page.

Can students use their own technology devices during the school day? Students are able to checkout a Chromebook or use a personal laptop. If a student brings their own device, it must adhere to the guidelines outlined on the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) page on the FCPS website. Students may use cell phones in the cafeteria or during passing time.  Use of cell phones within the classroom is subject to the discretion of the teacher. Cell phones are never permitted in testing situations, including SOL and AP testing; violation of this rule will result in a voided test with no makeup and an Honor Code referral. Students are responsible for any device they choose to bring to school and are not supported by the IT staff.

Communications and Publications

Communications and Publications

What is the best way for a parent to stay informed about what is going on at Langley?  Additionally, parents are asked to read all communication sent by the principal. Messages are sent Fridays and Sundays. The 3 “R’s” will help parents know what is current at Langley:  Reading the student newspaper, the Saxon Scope, either the monthly edition that comes out in print or the more frequent online edition available at; Registering for FCPS Keep In Touch system and the PTSA E-News; and Regularly attending the  Principal/PTSA Coffees, quarterly class forums and the class dinner are all very valuable ways to stay informed and up to date on the happenings affecting your student and Langley High School.  In addition, the Langley Calendar found on the school website lists all school activities, including athletic games, performing arts events, college entrance testing dates, college visits, and class forums.

What is Schoology?  Schoology is homework website maintained by Fairfax County Public School.  All Langley students receive a Schoology account that lists their classes and homework assignments and other important school information.  Teachers regularly update their pages. Students are strongly encouraged to use Schoology daily. Parents may wish to have their own Schoology accounts and may register through the school for such an account.  A parent account will allow access to the teacher homework pages only.  The address for the FCPS Schoology site is  For parents wishing to register for an account, visit the school website at and click on the Resources tab, link.

What is Naviance Student (Family Connection)? Naviance Student is a web-based service found on Schoology that designed especially for high school students and their parents. Naviance Student is a comprehensive website that helps students as they make decisions about academic plans, colleges, and careers. Naviance Student is linked with Counselor's Office, a service used in FCPS school counseling offices to track and analyze data about college and career plans, so it provides up-to-date information that is specific to each student's school.

How do I register to receive the messages sent home from school?  Every Sunday, a News You Choose message is sent entitled “This Week at Langley” which informs parents of events occurring during the upcoming week.  Another email entitled “This Week in Athletics” is also sent home on Sundays, informing parents of the upcoming sporting events at Langley for the week. In addition, periodically, messages will be sent to families from the principal, Kim Greer.  Registration for any/all of these types of message can be found at the school website, Stay connected with Langley High School (Register for News you choose’ today”.

What are the student publications? The Saxon Scope is the school newspaper published monthly by journalism students.  A subscription for delivery of a hard copy is available, as well as an online version of the publication at The school literary magazine, Shropshire, is published in the spring of each year. The Shire yearbook is produced annually.



School begins promptly at 8:10 a.m. and ends at 2:55 p.m. Students are expected to attend every class or activity for which they are scheduled each school day. Specifically, this means that students must attend all classes. 

What to do when...

Student has an all-day absence from school:

The parent must call 703-287-2727 (Attendance Message Line), on the morning of the absence and clearly and slowly spell their student’s first and last name and include their student’s ID number with a reason for their absence.  If the parent does not call the Attendance Line the absence is marked as “unexcused” after 48 hours.

Pre-Arranged Absences:

Please complete the Pre-Arranged Absence Request Form prior to any Pre-Arranged Absences. The Pre-Arranged Absence Form must be signed by each of the student's teachers and approved by their assigned Administrator prior to the absence, in order for the absence to be excused. A copy will be given to the student. Please note that extended absences are discouraged, and Pre-Arranged Absences will be reviewed carefully before approval. An excused absence or a Pre-Arranged Absence permits you to make up missed work. You must assume complete responsibility for making up any work missed.

Student arrives to class after 8:10 a.m.:

Students are expected to be in their classroom when the class begins.  Habitual or excessive tardiness will result in a referral to his/her assigned Administrator for follow-up action.

Students who arrive after 8:10 a.m. with a note signed by their parent/guardian along with their phone number and stating the reason for the tardy will be marked “excused tardy.”  See the LHS Website for acceptable reasons for “excused tardies.”  Students who arrive without a note will be marked “unexcused tardy.”  You can email [email protected] stating the reason for the tardy.  If an email has not been sent, he/she will be marked "unexcused tardy" and an email or note must be sent to the Attendance Office within 48 hours for the “unexcused tardy” to be changed to “excused tardy.”

Student needs to leave class early:

Prior to 10:00 a.m., students should bring a written note signed by a parent/guardian to the Attendance Office or an email sent to [email protected].  Both notes and emails must include the student’s name and ID number, time, and the reason for leaving class and a contact number along with the name of the parent/guardian.


The parent must notify both Langley High Student and the academy of their student’s tardy or absence.


Student athletes must attend classes for at least half of the school day in order to participate in any athletic contest, practice, or activity. Reasonable exceptions, such as a medical appointment, may be approved by the Principal or Director of Student Activities prior to participation.

Reasons for excused absences include:

Illness of the student, death in the family, doctor or dentist appointment, observance of a religious holiday, suspension (except for certain violations as provided in Regulation 2601), or another reason acceptable to the principal or his designee. 

Are there detention and suspension rules? Every Langley student and parent must review and sign the Fairfax County Public Schools Student Rights and Responsibilities distributed to all students the first two weeks of classes. This document clearly outlines expected behavior and types of behaviors for which students may be disciplined. The administrators will visit all students in their English classes to discuss expected behavior and consequences for inappropriate behavior.

Quick Reference Dos and Don’ts for Students

Quick Reference Dos and Don’ts for Students

  • DO come to freshman/new student orientation.
  • DO pay your class activity fee so you can get your class t-shirt during spirit week and wear it proudly on Spirit Day.
  • DO your best - grades count - even your freshman year.
  • DO keep all class notes and returned tests to review for midterm exams and finals.
  • DO buy a heavy-duty lock for your gym locker and use it.
  • DO go to your teachers and/or guidance counselor if you are having trouble with schoolwork.
  • DO label your valuables and secure them in your locker. Engrave your calculator.
  • DO bring a lunch from home until you figure out the lunch line.
  • DO join activities, clubs, and sports.
  • DO read the Saxon Scope.
  • DO be organized - use a student planner/assignment book.
  • Parents: DO attend all Principal/PTSA Coffees, quarterly class coffees, and your class dinner.
  • DO attend games, concerts and drama productions to show your Saxon pride!
  • DO deposit trash in trash bins and place bottles and cans in appropriate recycle boxes.
  • DON’T bring valuables to school such as watches, jewelry, iPods, etc.
  • DON’T bring food or beverages into school hallways or classes.
  • DON’T leave school grounds during the school day without permission.
  • DON’T be afraid to try out for sports, plays, chorus, etc. Go for it!


Bell Schedule 

Club List

Green/Gold Calendar  (scroll to the bottom of the page) 


Bell Schedule

Academic Support

Academic Support

Students needing additional assistance outside of the classroom can access help from


Students having difficulties in a class should always begin by talking with their teacher.

1. After School – Monday & Wednesday is the late bus day (buses depart at approximately 4:45 p.m.); thus, all teachers are available after school on these days.  Additionally, most teachers are available other days of the week.  Students should see their teachers to find out the best day to meet with them personally.

2. Langley Links – As Langley’s designated academic support time, teachers are available in their classrooms from 9:47 to 10:17 to assist students. 

Peer Tutoring

All departments offer peer tutoring through their honor societies (please see the schedule below). 




Request a tutor from Ms. Beatty (room 2626).  Give her your name, e-mail, and the subject in which you need help.


Request a tutor from your teacher.


Request forms can be obtained from your teacher.


Request a tutor from  (room 2330).


Request a tutor from your teacher.


Request a tutor from your teacher.


Request a tutor from Sensei Scronce.


Request a tutor from Dr. Tannenbaum.


Request a tutor from your teacher. 


Request a tutor from Kapitan.

Langley High School Clubs

Students can check Schoology and the Langley High School athletic website under clubs for instructions to start a club and a list of clubs most recent clubs.



Library Staff:

Philip Clark, Head Librarian                                       703-287-2773

Kathleen Ortiz, Librarian                                              703-287-2775

Library Use by Students:

The Langley library is open to students before and after school.

        Monday – Thursday:  7:40 am – 4:45 pm

Friday:  7:40 – 3:30 


The catalog for Langley is available on the Langley Library Schoology site.  You are welcome to check out as many books as you like.


Langley’s library has a number of online subscriptions for retrieval of full-text periodical articles and reference materials.  These services are available on all FCPS issued student laptops and from home computers, as well.  LHS Student Schoology accounts include access to the LHS Library, where you’ll find links to the databases along with required usernames and passwords for home use. 

Students also have access through Schoology to a variety of research tools, ranging from citation guides to resource guides related to specific class assignments.


You must have a pass to use the library during class periods. Please note that if the library has classes scheduled during that time or events occurring you will not be able to use it even with a pass.


Student have access through their FCPS Laptops to the black-and-white student printer/copier.  There is no color printing available to students.

Please visit the library often and have a wonderful school year!

Student Device Responsible Use Guidelines

Student Device Responsible Use Guidelines

• FCPS borrowed Student Device should be used only in conjunction with projects relating to the educational programs of FCPS. It may not be used as a personal or social device for the student.

• The Student Rights and Responsibilities Booklet has additional guidelines on appropriate use.

• The device is valuable and should be treated appropriately. It should not be thrown or dropped. It should never be placed on the roof or hood of a car, on the sidewalk or street, or treated in any way that may cause it to be crushed, dropped, or damaged.

• The Student Device is for your use only. Friends, other students, siblings, cousins, or other people should not use it. Keep away from pets at all times.

• The Student Device should never be left unattended in the classroom, on the bus, in the hallway, in the lunchroom, in the gym, or any other public place.

• The device should not be used near water, household chemicals, food or drink, or other liquids that could damage its electronic components.

• When carried outside, the device must be protected in such a way that rain, snow, ice, excessive heat and or cold will not damage it.

• The device should be kept in a secure location at all times when not in use.

• The device should be fully charged when brought to school for use during the day.

• Tech support is provided at your school, for your laptop, during school hours only. DO NOT TAKE THE LAPTOP TO A RETAIL STORE FOR REPAIR. 

• Tech Support Resources are found here:

• For tech support, please submit a tech support request ticket or call the Parent Technology Help Desk at 833-921-3277 (833-921-FCPS). This will be answered by staff members from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

• School staff should be informed of a lost/stolen device as soon as possible. If you believe your device was stolen, report it immediately to the police.

Listed below are the items that I received and the cost to replace items if they are not returned at the end of the school year during collection.

  • HP Fortis Chromebook ($444.00)
  • Dell 3300 ($481.00) – Legacy device
  • Dell 65W AC power adapter & HP Fortis USB-C 45W adapter ($23.00)

Crisis Information and Support

Crisis Information and Support

Please Contact your Counselor or Clinical Staff

School Counselors
Director of Student Services Braden Peterson 703.287.2722
A-Car Michael Johnson 703.287.2731
Cash-Fe Alex Mantel 703.287.2733
Fia-H Natalie Malone 703.287.2736
I-Lef Tim Ready 703.287.2730
Leg-Myu Lauren Lipton 703-287-2734
N-Rod Jennifer Baldesare 703-2872734
Roj-Tej Hannah Martenson 703.287.2735
Tel-Z Kashima Morrison 703.287.2732
Additional Clinical Staff
Systems of Support Advisor Nick Schleicher 703.287.2740
Social Worker Jordan Payne 703.287.2874
Psychologist Anna Brown  703.287.2886
Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Kelly Rankin 703.287.2744

If you are concerned about a student and do not have ready access to a mental health professional, the mental health resource numbers listed here are reputable choices for assistance.  Taking prompt action can help ensure that our teens remain safe, while getting the care needed.

Common Symptoms of Depression:

1.  Sadness and irritability

2.  Defiance, sulleness, agitation

3.  Loss of pleasure

4.  Withdrawl and/or crying

5.  Poor concentration

6.  Inability to make decisions

7.  Increasing use of alcohol or drugs

8.  Sleeping too much or too little

24 Hour Support:

CrisisLink Regional Hotline


National Hopeline Network


National Suicide Prevention


Dominion Hospital Emergency


Woodburn Center Emergency


INOVA Emergecy


Life threatening emergencies-

Call 911

Langley High School Resource List

Kimberly Greer, Principal 703.287.2704
Wayne Biernesser, Assistant Principal 703.287.2957
Rich Deivert, Assistant Principal 703.287.2707
Jim Robertson, Assistant Principal 703.287.2706
James Sykes, Assistant Principal 703.287.2705
Braden Peterson, Director of Student Services 703.287.2722
Geoff Noto, Director of Student Activities 703.287.2750
Nicholas Schleicher, Systems of Support Advisor 703.287.2740
Anna Brown, School Psychologist 703.287.2886
Jordan Payne, School Social Worker 703.287.2874
Kelly Rankin, Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist 703.287.2744
Shelley Terry, Assessment Coach 703.287.2922
Deb Dornemann, Special Education Coordinator 703.287.2832
Jessica Bigles, Athletic Trainer 703.287.2759
Mark Rogers, School Security 703.287.2708
Ofc. Michael Mathwin, School SRO 703.287.2894
Nancy Schultz, Attendance 703.287.2830
Mary J Shea, Clinic Aide 703.287.2710
Ryan Jackson, AP Teacher Coordinator 703.287.2942
Philip Clark, Head Librarian 703.287.2774