Service Learning

Promoting service within our community

Langley High School is committed to promoting service within our community. Participation with service organizations has been proven to reduce stress, create a sense of community, foster relationships, and promote self-esteem and a sense of pride by contributing a meaningful impact on someone or something beyond yourself. Accordingly, each student is encouraged to engage in at least 40 hours of service during his/her high school career (10 hours per year); students earning 50 or more hours may be eligible for the Civic Seal. 

The Fundamentals

High school students may accumulate service hours leading to special recognition at graduation (i.e., service learning cord or Virginia diploma seal of excellence in civics).  In order for students to earn a Service Learning Cord students should complete 10 service hours per year for a total of 40 hours.   In order for students to earn a Civics Seal, Students may choose to complete 50+ hours to qualify for the Virginia Board of Education diploma seal for excellence in civics education. See Virginia Department of Education for criteria.  Please note that individual honor societies may have their own criteria for what constitute approved service hours.

Tracking Service Hours

ALL service hours (in and out of the building) are validated through x2vol which is the FCPS service learning system found on Blackboard. FCPS encourages you to use Chrome in order to access and view full functionality of the Naviance site.

For Saxon Service:

Go to x2vol Click on “Dashboard” then “Opportunities” All Saxon Service opportunities are listed on the “Opportunities & Projects” tab.  Click on the dates that you participated.

Mrs. Shomaker, @email, is Activity Contact for all Saxon Service opportunities. Please include the date of   the service, the activity you participated with, and the amount of time.

For Opportunities not related to Saxon Service:

Go to x2vol Click on “Add Hours” button at the top of the “Dashboard” Go to “Personal Project” and click on “Create New” to enter a new volunteer activity

Be sure to include: the contact information of the person who verified the hour through the x2VOL system or upload an email showing the verification the date of service and amount of time; and check the oath statement verifying the accuracy of the information. Submit to Mrs. Shomaker at @email.

Saxon Service

Saxon Service is the last Wednesday of the month.  All activities are located in the LHS cafeteria. Students earn one hour of service learning at Saxon Service.  NEW THIS YEAR-Students must obtain a pass to attend Saxon Service at  Once you have participated, you will need to request verification for your hour.  It is your responsibility to request verification for your hours. Please see below for instructions on how to add hours.  Check the Langley Calendar for Saxon Service dates.

Saxon Service activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Making sandwiches or blankets for homeless people in the area
  • Making dog and cat toys
  • Folding origami cranes for people with Cancer
  • Making cards for active duty military or children in hospitals
  • Playing to help world hunger
  • Knitting blankets for young mothers
  • Weaving scarves for homeless people
  • Sorting crayons for Crayon Initiative
  • Making reusable feminine products for girls in third world countries
  • Creating beads from recycled cereal boxes for a school in Haiti
  • Sewing and ironing pillow cases for children in area hospitals

Upcoming Events

To find out about service opportunities in our community, go to the Naviance link on Blackboard, scroll to the bottom and click on the x2vol link.  Service opportunities are listed on the Bulletin Board, as well as, the My Opportunities button on the top banner.


If you have any questions about service, including verifying hours from Saxon Service or activities other than Saxon Service, see Mrs. Shomaker in the Student Services Dept. or email her at @email.

Seniors:  SERVICE CORD and Diploma CIVIC SEAL applications are due Friday, May 1, 2020

SERVICE CORD-All documentation for proof of your 40 hours of service is due to the Student Services Dept. by Friday, May 1, 2020 –please be sure to include your reflections.  Hours may be submitted by a print out of your x2vol hours and/or hard copy handwritten documentation.  Students earning 40 hours of service will be awarded a Service Cord to be worn at graduation.  Service Cord Application.

CIVIC SEAL-A completed application for the Diploma CIVIC SEAL is due to your counselor by Friday, May 1, 2020. Please note the requirements and fill out the application completely for the Civic Seal.

STEM SEAL-A completed application for the Diploma STEM SEAL is due to your counselor by Friday, May 1, 2020. Please note the requirements, particularly the 50 hours of work based learning, and fill out the application completely for the STEM Seal.

Questions:  If you need assistance or have any questions, please see Mrs. Shomaker in the Student Services Dept. or email her at