Outstanding Employees 2023-2024

January 10, 2024

Learn more about our outstanding employees from the people who nominated them.

Picture of Gifford KrivakWhy is Gifford Krivak outstanding? "Mr. Krivak is clearly excited to teach. He explains topics with such vigor that compels the class to be interested and engaged. He always helps his students when they need assistance. His assignments are not too easy or too hard, and they are generally fun. He also always begins class with a riddle for the class to solve. Although I am not very good at them, they are a phenomenal way to start the class and warm up your brain. He is actually an expert at his work and makes English interesting."


Picture of Tara HohnWhy is Tara Hohn outstanding? "Ms. Hohn is a great teacher, and you can tell she really cares about her students. If someone does not understand, she really takes the time to help them and understand it better. When she noticed our class was not doing great on claims, she spent time teaching us what goes into it and how to make a strong one. She spent time emailing everyone's parents at the beginning of the year to ask them about us as students and really just cares about everyone around her."


Picture of Chris BrownWhy is Chris Brown (security officer) outstanding? "He has taken on a leadership role without being asked to do so. Chris has shown not only technical prowess by instituting a security scroll informing everyone who walks the halls at LHS what are the latest trends in security, but also has developed a personal relationship with colleagues and students alike. Mr. Brown has shown the ability to work with all members of the LHS community, as well as the public, regardless of their race, religion, or background. In short, Mr. Brown has become an integral part of the LHS community."


Picture of Geoff NotoWhy is Geoff Noto (Director of Student Activities) outstanding? "He has a way of working with people to ensure communication and teamwork are positive and productive and genuinely brings people together to serve the community. Geoff consistently goes above and beyond in his role to insure he is doing his best for the school and it's community. Geoff puts in extra effort to support the community. I have seen how kind he is to every student and always looks out for their best interest. Mr. Noto takes every student's creativity seriously and implements almost every suggestion."


Why is Natalie Malone (counselor) outstanding? "She helped me transition into high school by getting onto a Zoom call with me and explaining the process. She was never frustrated with my constant questions of how this school process occurred or whether or not I could take classes at this level and always helped me with guidance. Her commitment to helping me is definitely reflected in how she helps others, too. She is very dedicated to her work in guiding us high schoolers. I am very thankful that I can have someone like her to help me whenever I'm having questions about high school."