Student Government

Langley High School student leadership team

Student Government Association (SGA) 2017-2018

The following students were elected by their peers to represent the student body as members of the Student Government Association (SGA) for the 2017-2018 school year.

  • President - George Lorenze
  • Vice President - John Eames 
  • Vice President - Warren Kahn
  • Secretary -Avarie Rembert
  • Treasurer - Ian Shaw
  • ICC Chair - Haley Lobsenz
  • SAC Representatives - Miles Nelson, Yasmin Momenian, Bijan Boroumand, Thomas Liu
  • Sponsor(s) - Kiersten Conrad, Sandy Hamilton

Student Government Association 

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the leadership team elected by Langley High School students. It functions under the direction and supervision of the faculty sponsor and administrative team. Its responsibilities include coordination of student club activities by the Interclub Council, and coordination of major school-wide activities such as homecoming and school elections. The SGA functions as a vital communication link between the student body and administrative team. By sharing student ideas and concerns, the SGA participates in cooperative efforts to improve the quality of life at Langley. In addition to providing students valuable information about school events through the Langley Leader and the electronic signboard in the cafeteria, the SGA highlights significant student accomplishments on the cafeteria bulletin board.

CLASS 2018

  • President - Mallory Langpaul
  • Vice President - Raafay Jamil
  • Secretary - Charlotte Fitzgerald
  • Treasurer - Thomas "Blake" Shabshab
  • SGA Representatives - Melissa Wahlgren, Grace Nalepka, Tazwaar Aadam
  • Sponsor(s) - Amanda Archibald

CLASS 2019

  • President - Lauren Fahlberg
  • Vice President - Katarina Jenkins
  • Secretary - Max Dallas
  • Treasurer - Erica Weiss
  • SGA Representatives - Matthew Lee, Dan Ni
  • Sponsor(s) - Marc Brooks

CLASS 2020

  • President - Sam Sachtleben
  • Vice President - Amelia Smith
  • Secretary - Sachin Muralidhar
  • Treasurer - Jack Fitzgerald
  • SGA Representatives - Jake Yates, Megan Markwart
  • Sponsor(s) - Mary Baker and Jeff Vande Sande

CLASS 2021

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • SGA Representatives - 
  • Sponsor(s) - Michelle Huang and Jay O'Rourke