Langley Parking Regulations

Student parking regulations


Please note that your application will not be accepted unless ALL of the information is completed on BOTH sides of the form, including student and parent signatures, a copy of your Driver's License (i.e. that you can lawfully drive alone).

Parking on school grounds is a privilege, and certain obligations and responsibilities come with that privilege.  Please understand and realize that your parking Hang Tag and campus-driving privileges may be revoked at the discretion of the Administration.  These rules and regulations help to ensure that parking is available to eligible Hang Tag holders.  It is your responsibility to follow all of the rules and regulations, which will be strictly enforced.               


  1. Students must drive responsibly and must obey all Commonwealth of Virginia DMV laws, including "passenger restriction laws"--16-year olds may have only 1 passenger under the age of 18 who is not a family member, and 17-year olds (who have held their Driver’s License for at least one year) may have only 3 passengers under the age of 18 who are not family members.
  2. All drivers and vehicles must be registered with the school and must be parked only in designated areas, with Hang Tags displayed at all times in properly registered  cars.
  3. Hang Tags are non-transferable to other students. Students will lose their privileges immediately should they transfer, sell, or loan their Hang Tag to a third party.
  4. Vehicles are off-limits to students during the school day (8:10am to 2:55pm), and students may not leave school grounds without proper authorization.
  5. Parking unauthorized vehicles will result in citations, booting, and towing.  Violations will result in $25.00 parking tickets.  Students who have 3 or more unpaid parking tickets will have their cars towed and parking privileges revoked immediately.
  6. Student vehicles parked on school grounds may be subject to search.             
  7. Towing will be vigorously enforced by Henry’s Wrecker Service, 2710 Hartland Road, Falls Church, VA  22046   (703) 698-8900