Course Curriculum Presentations

Learn what each course has to offer.

Each year, Langley hosts a Curriculum Night Program. Parents of current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders are invited to hear information from teachers about differences among the different levels of core subjects. Elective departments present options as well.  

Information includes

  • amount of homework given nightly
  • teacher expectations of their students
  • projects due throughout the year
  • skills needed for success in the course
  • differences between the general level/honors level and/or AP level
  • time management
  • commitment, balance, and work ethic requirements
  • work samples from all levels of the course
  • differences in textbooks by levels

2019-2020 Curriculum Night Presentations

Regular courses vs. advanced placement and honors courses. What is the difference between them?  What is right for you? View our Curriculum Night course presentations for the upcoming school year.

AP Seminar




Social Studies

World Languages